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Windows Server 2003 RDP not connect

I have a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition server as one of my
domain controllers. I have Remote Desktop enabled on it for the domain
admin account. Port 3389 is opne and I also enable the options for RDP. It has two Ip address and i can ping both on server name and the IPs and its showing reply.

But I am not able to connect it from  a XP system which is on different domain. I receive the error

Remote Desktop Disconnected

The computer can not connect to the remote computer.

The connections was lost due to a network error. Try connecting again. if the problem continues, contact your network administrator or technical support


Is it not possible to connect the server from a XP system which is on a different domain. i do not want to add the XP system on Server's domain.

Please suggest.

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try to do a telnet to those IPs on port 3389
If it connects, it's not a network problem.
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Hi enachemc,

When I telnet both the IP from the command prompt it is not showing anything. Only it is showing connecting to Ip and then disappears.

It is unusual to have a multi-homed DC.

Try open Terminal Services Configuration - RDP-TCP Properties - Network adapter tab
Select here the right network adapter, and from client side connect to this enabled IP.
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1. RDP should be enabled
2. Make sure Firewall disabled on server.
3.Check your TCP/IP settings (* subnet mask)
4. Try to connect through console (mstsc.exe /console)
5.Check event viewer for detaild error

If you need to access any resources from different domain, you should have trust relation to be created between the domains. If you already have trust relation created, then you should get both the domain option (Under logon to) while you are log in to the server.
It is absolutely possible to do this. In fact, you don't NEED a trust relationship either, unless you want to be able to RDP on to a server in DomainB using an account in DomainA - We don't do this, we just connect to the 'other domains' using credentials from that domain (so we connect FROM DomainA, to servers in DomainB, by just providing valid credentials from DomainB).

Regardless, it sounds as if you're not even reaching that stage? Have you configured default credentials in the RDP connection, or are you doing this manually, and not even being prompted for credentials before the error appears?

The telnet command you tried was SUCCESSFUL - That is what telnet does when it successfully connects, if it failed it would give you an 'Unable to connect to xxxx on port xx' type error. If it just sits at a blank screen with a flashing cursor, it has connected successfully, so the port IS open.


I have done the manual configuration of RDP console. I can still connect to the second server through run command by typing the server's ip address but not able to connect through RDP.

Any related events on the target server's event viewer ?
There was no error reported on the event viewer related to RDP.
I hop you are using proper tcp/ip settings, did u tried my suggestions on above post ?

* did you restarted the server ?
* Enable and disable all tcp/ip and rdp settings, Then try

have a look

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Resolve the issue after editing the Registry