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Can anyone Let me pls know will this work instead of using Cisco SIP phone can we add this box and link standard phone to it?

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JRSCGIConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Although this was designed to connect a standard analog phone via an ISP based dial tone source (such as Skype) and is not designed to work behind a Cisco CallManager, some folks have made it work by setting the Cisco server to act like the expected ISP.  I found this on a forum I participate in:

PAP2T-NA Registered up to Call Manager 6.1.3...
In Call Mananger create a Phone Device (type is Third-party SIP Device (Advanced)).
Copy and create a new Device Security Profile from the default one, enabling Digest Authentication.
Create the Phone Device using the actual MAC of the PAP2T unit. Link that to an End User account.
Create your 2 Line DN's.
Link the End User account to the SIP Phone Device and set the Primary Line number.

On the PAP2T unit...
Both Line SIP ports should be 5060
Both Line Proxy servers should be your CUCM Server
Line 1 Display Name & User ID should match your Line 1 DN number config'd in CUCM for the SIP Phone.
Password should be the Digest Credentials set in the End User account in CUCM for the SIP Phone.
Auth ID should be the User ID of the End User account in CUCM for the SIP Phone.
Set Use Auth ID to Yes
Do the Same for the PAP2T unit's Line 2 matching Line 2 DN set in CUCM for the SIP Phone.

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