the right processor for my server


I am starting a new accounting proactice. we are terminal serce users.  there will be 10 of us, including local users.
i was thinking about basing the system on an

I9-750.... says it can handle as much as 8 simultaneous instructions...

what is the buz... what do i want... this is only surprisingly, it is only $200.

will also thought in  8 did of ram...

any thoughts.... and i underpowered.../?
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FerrostiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For servers I wont go below Xeon or Opteron processors. These are way faster.
It always depends on what your users are going to do on their TS sessions. Word, IE, PowerPoint, etc? Multimedia? Whatever?
In our customer centres we have an average of 1.0GB RAM per user and a single core per user, running on a clustered and load balanced TS service. Just to give an idea.
PerarduaadastraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are starting a new business that is going to absolutely depend on having a good server, buy a good server! The hardware in a branded server is optimised for server workloads and so is very efficient at handling network and data requests. If you were to purchase a powerful desktop processor and motherboard to use in your server, they would work (based on the large assumption that your server OS supported the hardware), but not as well as hardware dedicated to server functions. It would be rather like needing a delivery van but buying a car instead because you thought it would save money.

Although building your own is tempting because it can be a lot cheaper (indeed, I've done it myself in the past), problems will arise in the event of any compatibility issues between hardware and the operating system, or between hardware components that you've specified and sourced yourself. For example, if your Whizzo RAID card doesn't work properly or at all with your SupaDupa server motherboard, who is going to take responsibility for it?
If you buy a branded server from Dell, HP, or IBM to name but a few, you're buying much more than a box of hardware - you're buying an integrated package of hardware that has been thoroughly tested not only for hardware component compatibilty but also compatibility with multiple operating systems.
Of course, this doesn't guarantee freedom from problems, but it does ensure that the responsibility for any difficulties lies firmly with the manufacturer. The large manufacturers also offer good warranties that include various time frames for response to hardware failures, with shorter times obviously costing more.

Another point to consider is the location of the server. If it's going to be in the office space you will probably want to consider a pedestal server, as rack-mounted servers are very noisy and need, well, a rack!  A good quality rack isn't cheap unless you can find a second-hand one, and some buildings have very poor or impossible access for getting a rack where it needs to be. Yes, you could put a rack-mount server on a flat surface somewhere (I've seen it done) but it will end up with all kinds of things stacked on top of it and around it so that airflow through it is impaired, and it will be very difficult to get at when necessary. It would also be more prone to overheating due to the lack of protection from the dust that even the nicest offices have in abundance.
FerrostiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you are going that far with your consiferations as Perarduaadastra, go for a small rack then and include an appropriate UPS as well as a small integrated air conditioning.
Calculation for that is based on a worst case scenario wher you´d have 10 employees paid, but not working and (just for example) they can´t handle customer calls without their sessions.
intelogentAuthor Commented:

was not even the question i was asking...

but the conversation was so usefull.
you absolutely right... how coul di not spend an extra grand, and buy a tested, integrated, compatible system.

i just went to dell...
starter small servers... packed.... $2500.... with xenon at 3.1 gig... and   8 gig of ram...i would be so hassel free.. and how much does tech cost?    

thanks boys..

one last point... what is the deal with Zenon procesors.. but i am going to ask that in a new question so i can award points here.

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