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Forms based authentication login with webpart instead of a page?

I read somewhere that to setup forms based authentication, sharepoint would redirect users to a login page, but I want the login box to be visible on the frontpage, if user is logged in, then it should show just something like

You are logged in as: user,

Please guide me in the right direction.
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For this to work ,
You will need to use a login page
[1] Either hosted on a public document library on your public site (then you can use a webpart)
[2] Or hosted on your _Layouts folder under the 12 hive , and that would also work but you cannot use a webpart but you can use standard , ASP logon control.

See the CKS Forms based project on codeplex for more help.

Best of luck.
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I am using sharepint 2010 not 2007
the same for 2010

instead of the 12 hive , use the 14 hive .

best of luck.
I dont understand this
[1] Either hosted on a public document library on your public site (then you can use a webpart

You mean, I first create an application page? then a webpart to show that page on a small box?
You can start with a site collection of type (Publishing web site )

and that comes with a logon page already.

You will need to enable anonymous access to that site ( SO be carefull ).
You didnt answer me yet, and how can I create  a small login box to put on the homepage? I dont want a separately login page, the customer dont want that

Here is a sample .

after you build your custom page.

You will need to configure the Web.config after you create your new page ,under the Authentication section  
point to the new page.

best of luck

Still you havent answered.
I dont want a LOGIN page, I want a login box on the homepage, just as expertsexchange login is on the top right, not on a totally separate page.

I already know how to use the login control since years ago, I just need to know how to make a login box that is not in a completely separate page. it must be on the homepage and when logged in  it must show Welcome User! logged out it must show the user and password textboxes
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