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Installing a new laptop

Ok, i thought this was going to be simple. Someone bought a new IDE hard drive and i put it in the case and then put it in the laptop.

I have tried to install XP on it, but its not accepting the hard drive. I thoght any IDE hard drive would work.. What am i missing?

While the new hard drive is in the laptop: I put the XP SP3 disk in and it slowly loads the bios and won't let me press F2 or F12, it then comes up with an error saying
"internal hard drisk drive not found

Internal HDD HARD error!

Strike F1 to continue, F2 to run the setup utility"

When i press F1 and boot from the CD drive to install XP, after a while it then loads up the message:
"Press ENTER to install Windows XP.

Press R to repair Windows XP Installation using Recovery Console.

Press F3 to quit."

I press enter, and then it says
"Setup did not find any HDD installed in your computer.

Make sure any HDD are powered on and properly connected to your computer and that any disk related hardware configuration is correct.
I can't push the HDD in anymore so it is connected, and i'm trying to configure the HDD, so I'm not sure what im doing wrong.

Thanks for any help.

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Are you sure the drive is compatible?  Most drives are SATA these days.....
Disable AHCI in BIOS, or enable Native mode for AHCI. Then you will be able to install XP on IDE drive without appropriate drivers.

Please state the model of your laptop and new hard disk.
Why you need to do the setup?
Use and start the laptop by a cloning software, say Acronis True Image, to clone the old HDD into the new HDD. You just need to buy an IDE to USB external case and put the new HDD inside for making the destination drive for cloning.
If you are sure that the drive type and size is compatible, I would do a firmware update on the laptop.
If you press F1 and go into the BIOS, is the drive showing?
F2 that should have said!
According to this site, the size limit for a HDD for this laptop is 100GB.  Is your drive larger than that?
The link above also provides some suggestions for getting larger drives to work.
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BIOS doesn't show the drive, its definetly an IDE HDD, the model (also in the tags) is a Dell latitude D610 laptop.
In the BIOS it reads: "Primary HDD: {none}"  (HDD not compatible? :( )

I don't have a clone of another laptop at the moment :(
Well, not a good installation i would want to clone anyway..

New HDD model no+link for you: WD800BEVE - 00A0HT0

Can't find AHCI in BIOS :<
in the setup If Its  IBM PC  option is F1  and if its HP or Compaq the option is F10

in the adavance option it contain HDD mode  , pls change it to compatible  and check it
Cor, alot of sad faces in my last comment!

Nope the drive is 80GB mate, and BIOS version is A05. (Most recent is A06)
It seems that the motherboard of your laptop does not recognize thje new HDD.

Go into the BIOS and change the HDD type to Auto and see whether it can be recognized in next reboot.
According to the advice of Renju, it says:-

"While system starts, keep tapping F2 to enter BIOS.
1. Find any Auto Detection or Auto Config option that may be present in your BIOS. If
given a choice, select the LBA (Logical Block Addressing) option and enable it. In some
cases, LBA will be an option under Translation Mode. In other systems, Auto Detection
is preselected.
Note: If your system BIOS does not have an Auto Config drive type or does not show full
capacity, disable LBA, select User Defined, and enter 1023 cylinders, 16 heads, and 63
sectors for the drive parameters.

Now save settings and exit BIOS."


Read more: Computer Help - I am installng a new hard drive in my Dell Latitude D610 it - JustAnswer
Upgrade BIOS to A06
It is a PATA drive and these have jumper settings - so check that the jumper settings are set to Master, Single Drive
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It is set to single (Master). How would i upgrade to version A06 without a windows installation or installed OS?

Also there is no auto detect, auto config, LBA,  or translation mode in the BIOS settings, the part of the BIOS where it lists the 'Primary HD = {none} is the only information in the BIOS about the HD and below that it says "none of these fields are changable."
It might be a bad drive. I would connect it to another computer to test.
Ok, i will try the drive in another d610, and then if that doesn't work I will send the drive back.

Tanks for your help chaps.
It sounds to me like you don't have the hard drive installed properly, or the hard drive is bad.

Most of my old 80GB hard drives are going back after 4 years of using them.

scriven_j is onto something there with the jumper settings, but more often than not a PATA hard drive is the only hard drive in a laptop and don't need jumpers at all.

Check your hard drive connection, perhaps the power is not getting to the drive.

Sometimes when I build new systems and I run into a strange issue like this, removing the device, checking the connections, and reinstalling it again will fix the issue.

If that doesn't work for you, see if you can leave the hard drive cover off while you boot the system. If you can feel and / or hear the drive spinning / moving, then the drive is getting power and it's not seized up (bad).

If you have another hard drive you can connect to it just to check if it's that particular model that doesn't work with your laptop.

My money is on the drive being bad though. 80 GB PATA drives are more than likely out of warranty and drives are far more likely to go bad when being removed from an old system and tried to be installed in a new one.
If you have another 610, also try that drive in this machine to ensure that it is not a motherboard / connector / drive controller issue.
(you only need to go as far as BIOS to see if it is recognised)
Did you check the connection as suggested?
Right, I can't check another laptop of the same model anytime soon, the nearest one of the same model is about a 2 hour drive away. The laptop doesn't have a floppy disk drive, and i don't have a docking station with one in either.

When i switch the laptop on and leave it running and press f1 to start the win installation, i can hear the HDD but i can hear a sqweeking noise coming from it.

Its a very faint sqweeking noise.

It shouldn't be out of warranty, as we bought it new only 2 weeks ago and its stayed in its padded shipping box and anti static packaging till the other day.

That doesn't sound good. You should get a Laptop 2.5" to Desktop 3.5" IDE Hard Drive Adapter like this one.

Very handy to have on hand if you are going to service laptops.
Sounds duff to me.  You can do a BIOS update from a bootable CD too.  Sounds like the drive is dodgy though if you are sure that the connections are correctly aligned.
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Well done for sorting it out.  That's certainly a strange one!
Thanks for all your help guys