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Word prints labels slightly undersize

Originally this was a Vista machine with Office 2007 on it. The user has a network folder containing numerous word documents containing labels. There are 14 labels to a page in 2 columns (Avery L7163 style)

Vista was so horrible, I reformatted the machine and installed XP, then re-installed the same version of Office afterwards.

The Vista/XP thing may be a red herring, but now when the user prints one of this documents, the spacing printing is slightly off and the instead of printing the labels at 1.5" pitch, the pitch is about 1.4". So at the bottom of the page, the pitch is off by about .7 of an inch.

I created a brand new label document and got exactly the same behaviour. In both cases, the print preview looks ok, and we can see the difference between that and the printed document. The paper size is A4 in all cases. I tried sending the documents to different printers, but got the same behaviour.

Help please.
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Are you using the avery plug-in in word to create the labels?
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No. Just Word itself
Hi use the avery plug in choose the paper its meant to be used with that. Its free. Choose L7163 from the style. You will love it.
We have a lot of documents already created. I want to fix this problem so the user doesn't have to recreate all those documents.

The print preview clearly differs from the printed output. When I display the ruler on the screen, it shows that the labels are 1.5 inches tall. But they are not.
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I've done some more experimenting and got a bit further with this now....

The 2 printers I tried are HP Laserjets 2015 and 3055. They gave the same results from this machine.

When I reinstalled this machine, I did the same to another identical machine. So I tried label printing labels from that machine to it's own local printer and found that it is was ok. When I compared the printed output I could see that not only is the label pitch different, the font size is also slightly different even though I was printing from the same document and using the same font.

From that second machine I sent a page of labels to the HP 2015 printer and found that the pitch was wrong again. So indeed, this now looks like the problem is printer related rather than Word related. Because I originally got the same results from 2 different printers, i assumed that Word was at fault.

The user assures me however that  this all worked perfectly until I reformatted her machine. I will go an try and drive that 2015 printer with a different driver.
Ok i've installed a Laserjet 5 driver for the Laserjet 2015 on the problem workstation. And now it prints fine. That's not her default printer though. Her default is the 3055 which is a multifunction printer. So i'm not so keen to mess about with that.

I'm not sure now that i'm going to fix this. It would be nice to know why the native drivers for those 2 printers will not print labels correctly from Word
Thanks for your input i'll close this now and award the points

Manufacturers might know better about their printers. And some device specific features may not be functional with windows native drivers. If you always use avery stationary. Job is swift using the software I introduced before.