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TOSHIBA Satellite L650D PSK1NE-01500MEN laptop does not allow sound from headphones

TOSHIBA Satellite L650D PSK1NE-01500MEN laptop does not allow sound from headphones when listening to music on Youtube and similar programs.  The sound works fine normally and if you listen through the headphones when testing the sound card you can hear the test sounds. The machine was rebuilt from Windows 7 to Vista when bought and I am wondering the hardware is not supported in Vista and this is why it is not working properly. Any ideas?? Thanks Clair.
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Hi Clair,
Have you gone into the actual "Sound" settings in Control Panel and tried any modifications there?
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Yes weird thing is the sound works through the headphones when testing the sound as well which is weird but as soon as you want to listen to some music or training videos nothing happens. Could it be a internet explorer problem maybe (which I hadn't thought of till now) - bit baffling
In Windows 7, there are different configuration settings for Speakers.
Go to your Control Panel and open up the "Sounds" icon and you will see what I mean.

There are some pretty granular settings for different kinds of sound settings.
The laptop was Windows 7 but it isn't any more. It is Vista.
I have been in the sound settings and I have tried changing settings in there. We don't seem to be able to have both headphones and speakers active. we can only set one or the other as default.  
"Reading is FUNdamental."

Apologies for misreading that. I have XP and 7 boxes running here, but (fortunately) no Vista.

Since I can't offer you any hand's-on help, do you have the option of re-installing Windows 7? If the original OS was 7, you should still have a legitimate license.

I have been moving all of my customers away from Vista and find that Windows 7 does an excellent job of finding/installing the exact right drivers.

Additionally - since I have mucked this up with a bunch of comments, other Experts may be hesitant to jump in.

You can click on the "Request Attention" link and ask the Moderators to set this to "Neglected" status and send out an Expert Alert to get more help in here.
try updating your drivers from the toshiba website :
or use the free drivereasy :
Hi, I have been onto the link suggested for Tosh drivers and I have found that the only driver for this model for audio is a Windows 7 driver. As we have rebuilt the machine to a Vista OS I am concerned this is not going to work.  I have already tried that driver and at the moment the user has to go into the sound settings and set headphones as default when she wants headphones and then change back to speakers as default when she has finished.  Is this because this machine was built with Windows 7 and so there are no drivers if we downgrade to Vista??
did you try drivereasy, as suggested?
I will try drivereasy, sorry went straight for the first link. I have asked her to completely uninstall the audio for me and install it again and see if that helps also.  I will let you know the outcome of both. Thanks
Hi, Please don't close this question, it has not been abandoned but I have been awaiting my customer to try the options above to try and fix the issue and my customer has only just come back to me to advise the problem has not been resolved.
I still need help with this.
It is normal that you can't use both, the headphones and the built-in speakers at the same time. Normally there is a small switch inside the sockets which turn the speakers off once a connector has been inserted.

Since normal sounds work while with certain apps it doesn't work, it is possible that there is another soundcard attached to the PC, maybe something using bluetooth or a USB device, maybe a skype phone or something similar, and that those apps are trying to use that device when playing. In the control panel, sounds, you should see which device is being used when playing back, and you should be able to change the device there.
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Thank you - I had already done this as a workaround and I was hoping there was a permanent fix but obviously not.  My user is having to change the default each time she wants to use the headset and then again to use the speakers.  Many thanks DavisMcCarn for answering my question.
Actually; all she should need to do is to close any apps using the sound, unplug the headphones, then reopen the app.  She would need to realize that would mean all browser windows ( IE, Firefox, etc) if she is online.
OK thank you again. Unfortunately she has to switch default devices even when all apps on the machine have been closed.