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How to Sysncronize the Sharepoint-calendar meeting with OWA calendar meeting ?

When i creating an event for new  meeting in sharepoint calendar event, that meeting is not getting synchronized in  owa calendar !

& vice versa ...means if i create a meeting in owa calendar, that meeting should be synchronised in sharepoint calendar.

Can any one help me on this   "-sharepoint->owa->sharepoint-"   integration or synchronization for a meeting.

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Thank you for the images, they are quite helpful.

Here is why they are not syncronizing.  They are two different calendars.  Let me explain.  The SharePoint calendar you have showing in the Gears Project Home > Calendar is specific to that site it is a part of.  It is not affiliated with any user or person in active directory.  The third image shows the calendar specific to the user Contoso Administrator.  That is why it does not appear to be working.  There is a couple of ways to handle this.  Now please understand I am going to use the thick client of Outlook initially for one of the scenarios.

1. Connect to Calendar

The first scenario is to use the Connect to Calendar.  On the page where you are looking at your calendar. (See your second image) in the ribbon at the top, click calendar.  On the ribbon about 2/3's the way to the right you will see an icon labled Connect to Outlook.  Click on that icon.  It will prompt you through connecting to your Outlook (thick client).  Once it connects to your outlook, you will be able to edit/change both your and SharePoint's calendars.  They are two seperate calendars, but they are in a single application allowing you to manipulate both.  Even be able to drag and drop events from one to the other.  So if you want your calendar to have the event from the SharePoint one specifically on yours, you will have to drag it over to yours.  Not perfect, but certainly easy to handle.

2. Email enable your SharePoint Calendar

The second way is to email enable your SharePoint environment to take in-coming email.  This will allow you to invite the SharePoint calendar to an event when you add the event to your personal calendar.  This will take a little more up front configurations, but is also a great way to make the syncronization take place.


David J Pileggi Jr.
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Hello david,

thanx for immediate reply

I do already have sync with oulook.

But i need sync of sharepoint  with owa (outlook web access).

my requirement is :
1) sharepoint calendar meeting-->owa calendar   & vice versa
2) owa meeting -->sharepoint calendar

Sorry for the delayed response.  After doing some research I did not like the answer, so I made sure I did more research to come to the same conclusion.  I also did some testing myself to be really sure.

The bottom answer is you cannot sync OWA with SharePoint Calendars.

I will try to explain in my own words, so that the bottom answer is understood.  The only area I found that could tie your OWA to SharePoint was in the documents area that you find on the right hand side near the bottom.  You select that and you get greeted by a statment "You can use this to access Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services or Windows file share servers from Outlook Web Access.  Click Open Location to start."  I did that, and it didnt work either.  I come to find out that with one of the Exchange Service Packs, this feature has been disabled, and has not been fixed.  So there goes the one connection of OWA to SharePoint.  Could not get to the calendar that way.  Another bit of research, and you are far from the only one who wants this to work, but it is not a part of the system.  People, myself included always assumed, "well, if its in my Outlook thick client it should be available in OWA."  That is not the case.  It turns out when you click on the "Connect to Outlook" option on a SharePoint calendar, task list, etc. it creates a local copy to your .pst file.  It does not become of your mailbox.  Why does this matter with the question at hand you are probably asking.  The answer is pretty straight forward.  OWA only shows what is in your mailbox on the exchange server.  SharePoint is not one of those pieces of course.  So OWA is currently unable to display and syncronize with a SharePoint calendar.  There was some talk about writing your own SSO applications, but it was more theoretical than anything else.  I would suggest staying away from custom code for serveral reasons, one of the biggest being its expense to build and maintain.

I know this is not the answer you are looking for, but this is currently how the products work.  Perhaps SharePoint 2013?
I just confirmed with Bob German, a SharePoint Specialist who works for Microsoft in the Microsoft Technology Center. My previous comment is indeed correct.  This is something that Microsoft, if not already, needs to look into, because they are pushing cloud based solutions heavily, this will have to work.
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it require still to work on overlay calendar