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query matches and not duplicates

code attached
this query displays serial numbers from TableCopy if match serial numbers from Table2-
problem: if serial number inputed 2 or more times-
Matches increase the number of records in Table2 and displays duplicate matches

is there a way it only matches one time- if same number inputed again- it does not display?

the data type is text- because- their will be letters in serial numbers-
thank you

SELECT Table2.[serial number] AS SerialNumber, TableCopy.[serial number] AS ScannedSerialNumber
FROM Table2 LEFT JOIN TableCopy ON Table2.[serial number]=TableCopy.[serial number];

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GREAT- thanks-
Hello Capricorn,
I wonder why this code works and then when I delete data in table and import new data into table- it tells me no current record when I try to run query
thank yo
did you check if both tables have matching records
yes - am trying to recreate problem in sample database to show you- I create query- works fine- then i have delete all data button and it also closes database. then when I open the database- I have import button to import new data-
Thats when problem of no current record- and something at first about the second 'From' statement-
thank you
i scan in same number to match and it does not help
here is sample of problem- it gives error i first got-
everything is fine untill - I import new data into table
thank you
where is the data that you import?
I have it in an excel sheet on network and i have users enter data there and then hit a button in database to import it in-
Private Sub Command16_Click()
DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet , acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, "Table2", "\\JRSHOP\AAB\Excel\database\Table1.xls", True, "Table1!"
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmImport"
Exit Sub
MsgBox Err.Description
End Sub
where is the excel file?
on network next to database: here is copy
you are importing a blank excel file ?
sorry only numbers in serial numbers field get filled in sheet beforecoming into database