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Cannot see LUN's on SAN

Hi guys,

Here is my environment :


To be upgraded :

HP DL380 G5  Vmware ESX 3.5    x  4
Vcenter 2.5

New Equipments :  
HP DL380 G5 with Vsphere 4.1  <- this guys cannot see LUNs
Vcenter 4.1

I am working on upgrade vmware to 4.1 but i want to add new host before starting upgrade so i installed new Vcenter 4.1 and installed new host with vsphere 4.1
Added new host on new vcenter but I cannot see LUNS which is very weird situation here .

Running HOST are seing luns is prod . but we tried all week to make new server see lun but didnt worked.

what i tried :

-Changed 4 HBA FC  ( to eliminate broken HBA idea )
-Vsphere 4.1 on HP DL380 G7   ( to eliminate old server idea )
-then downgraded G5 to ESX 3.5            ( to eliminate Vmware verison possiblity)
-HBA lights mean : drivers loaded link is up
-Fiber switch sees the HBA
- Checked storage side and the host is configured as all others... seems ok

Any Suggestion

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have you configure the fibre switch so that the new server 's WWN has access to the LUN you want it to use?
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Have you also presented the LUNs on the SAN to the new WWNNs? (and ensured the Connection Profile is Linux if applicable)
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@ jakethecatuk : yeah we configured the fiber switch ,add WWN of Servers HBA.

@hanccocka : Also we did this.

Interesting issue on EVA ,  on configurations we did before WWN was appearing on host selection list automatically but this time didnt appear but we wrote it manually.

if the EVA isn't seein the WWN automatically then that could be part of your problem as the fibre subsystem generally automatically sees new cards when they are connected correctly.

Obvious thing to checks (but sometimes the obvious eludes us) - different fibre cable and making sure that Tx and Rx are the same at both ends
We had an issue this week, with FC cards and hbas with our SAN HP EVA 4100.

1. new fc hba card installed in server - tick
2. WWNNs added to switch - tick
3. WWNNs added to LUNs - tick
4. hba lights on card and switch - tick
5. hba visible in ESXi 4.1. - tick
6. but no LUNs visible
7. no connection in the SAN (viewed from SAN)
8. Checking FC BIOS tools, it could see LUNs, but ESXi 4.1 couldn't!
9. Checked ESXi logs, card found, initialized but didn't return any LUNs.

baffled, changed the card, same thing.

changed the slot on Server - it worked!
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I changed fibre cable also but i'll change it again.

Actually i have installed two HBA to prevent single point of failure. One HBA goes to FiberSwitch 1 and another HBA is connected FiberSwitch2 none of them is working.i see them on ESX ( model is Emulex Lpe1150 ).
There is EVA4100 and EVA4400. It must see the both storages. ( i didnt metioned this in order to keep topology simple)

Also there is BIOS of HBA but i dont know what to do there , i reseted them to deafault settings.

How can i check from FC BIOS tools btw ?
Normally, there is an option like CTRL-R, CTRL-A which allows you to use the HBA Bios tools?
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I get in to bios tools but dont know what to do or how to check SAN connectivity ?

I put two printscreen maybe you can guide me ?
if you select Configure devices, do you see any LUNs?
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i checked . I have two HBA adapters which is connected two different fiber switch.

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difference on these are that i changed topology of 2nd adapter to FC-AL.
but still nothing .

when i do esxcfg-mpath -a

i see my two HBA's.

when i do esxcfg-mpath -l

i see only one path which belongs to local drive.
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i did it and black screen stays like touch any key and nothing happens.

I forwarded issue to Storage team , even i checked their config on SAN i am forcing them to do it again.

What is your thought , is the problem on Storage side or  Machine/ Vmware thing ?
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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