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My Adobe Acrobat 7 typewriter font appears grey.

I managed to chane the opacity/greyscale of the typewriter font.

(1) is there a way to reset to the default all of the color/options in Abobe Acrobat 7


(2) a way to reset the font to appear black as before

I found a related mention about a Adobe Technote #320120 on the subject, but cannot find the technote on the Adobe site, any way of finding this.

"Re: Typewriter font prints in greyscale not black
We have a similar problem on one PC(at least I think it is similar). Every few months something changes, and the typewriter text becomes so light it is almost illegible. Using Adobe technote 320120, I alter the registry and it fixed the problem for awhile. "
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I don't think there is an overall reset that affects the colour settings for individual tools.

I have not worked with Acrobat 7 for years, later versions have a Typewriter Toolbar which allows change of font and font colour. I think in Acrobat 7 you can only change size and line spacing.

How did you change it to grey in the first place?

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Indeed. My home version is much easier to use. The office is too cheap to upgrade. In any case, the only additional information I can give, is that I was playing with highlighting text and inserting call out boxes with different opacities, when all of this occurred. I went back and changed the opacities, but of course nothing is working. A total pain this is.

At no time did I overtly seek to change the font (for the reasons you mentioned)... the graying was a total side effect...
I see :)

And setting everything to full opacity using the same method does not work I guess..?
interesting note. when I cut/copy black text from another pdf, it STAYS black. the gray text only appears with NEW txt.
On thing worth checking is the Edit> Preferences> Commenting section. There is an Opacity setting. Change that to 100, does this make a difference?
Was set at 25%. changed to 100%. Nothing. Still the same.


That could have been your problem though, standard is 85%...

Restart Acrobat is Typewriter text still grey?
Set to 85%. Restarted AA... nada... still the same.


Add this to the riddle...

I just noticed that when I add (or select) text via the typewriter the options buttons for font size and line spacing are not being activated. (In other words they stay grayed out.)

Weird indeed.

I have no idea, honestly. Other than trial & error which cannot be the answer...

Let me think about this. But the problem may be that I just cannot replicate the issue.
This will be a tough one, because of the legacy software. Have you tried creating a posting on the Adobe forum? I have found it to be quite responsive (though certainly not as responsive as EE!). This may warrant a support request from Adobe directly.

Sorry, I realize this is not the help you were looking for.

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Although these instructions are for Adobe 9, they might work for Adobe 7:
@puppydogbuddy - It was already established that Acrobat 7 does not have the Typewriter Toolbar.
IT WORKED!!!! I went the '.backup' route. Should I delete it now? Will it hurt to keep it around? Thanks again!
Good call khk. I was stuck here.

Glad it worked out!
You can keep the registry key around, it will take up a few bytes on your computer, but it will be ignored by your applications. If you feel comfortable enough to delete registry keys, go ahead and delete it.