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word VBA question

I created a module..


ActiveDocument.SaveAs ("C:\ABC\Check.doc")
Options.SendMailAttach = True

End sub

However, I have a textbox in the document and named it bookmark as "GroupID".
Id ike to refernce it  when as save it instead of


should append the groupID as


with 888 is the value entered on the textbox with bookmarked "groupid"
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Chris Bottomley
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Can you provide an example with the text box so we can see the implementation ... delete anything else but the textbox and bookmark

You can get the value of a textbox in the current document by using ActiveDocument.fieldname like this:

strGroupID = ActiveDocument.groupID

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With respect to your example, you may want to check for a value in the field before saving.  

Dim strGroupID As String
strGroupID = ActiveDocument.groupID
If Len(strGroupID) > 0 Then
  ActiveDocument.SaveAs ("C:\Temp\Check" & strGroupID & ".doc")
  Options.SendMailAttach = True
  MsgBox "The Group ID is Empty. Please enter a group ID and try again", vbOKOnly, "Information Missing"
End If

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Note: If a document with that name exists, it will be overwritten without prompt the user
Assuming a standard text box from the word application then I would suggest:


If it isn't the first shape then you need to identify the correct shape but it sounds as though it might be the only one therefore ...

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BTW in
strgroupid = Activedocument.groupid -- I get error not supported
so i did this

Dim strGroupID As String
strGroupID = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Item(18).Range.Text
but came out empty - no value ""
groupid  does not show in  intellisense

strGroupID = ActiveDocument.groupID
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well, if you select insert in the main menu , I see a textbox which i use to draw. Im not sure what describes the source whether

 Shape, Forms, ActiveX or Content control?
i use 2010 version
Note if it is a basic textbox then the sve is as simple as:

ActiveDocument.SaveAs activedocument.SaveAs2(replace(activedocument.Bookmarks("groupid").Range.ShapeRange.Item(1).TextFrame.TextRange.Text, vbcr, ""))
Options.SendMailAttach = True

chris , I got compile error running the code
For future reerences ,This is the correct code!
strxxx = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Item("GroupID").Range.Text

AH well ... like I asked at the outset and Graham later it helps to see a sample of what you are using.  In point of fact what you have used is as suggested by Graham in http:#34872932

The .item need to be there to work
.item is the default. In VBA you can omit it.
Without the .item,returns