OWA 2003 Server RIP

We have an Exchange 2003 infrastructure that is in the middle of being converted to Exchange 2007 infrastructure. Unfortunately the OWA 2003 server that was in use is now dead, and we are striving to get the Exchange 2007 OWA functional.

I see that the OWA 2003 server still exists in the 2007 management tools and we would have removed Exchange 2003 had the server lasted just a bit longer.

What should we be doing in order to attempt to cleanly remove the OWA 2003 server from the infrastructure?


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LLMorrissonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So long as you follow the steps in the document it will be fine yes.
You'll need to use ADSIEdit to remove the legacy components now Ex2003 is dead.

Check this article which walks you through it.

fluceAuthor Commented:
So I take it we can leave it in place until the migration is completed and then remove it per the above directions without any ill effects?
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