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Can you set a BIOS password request on boot up on an HP laptop without HP Protect tools?

I want the users in the organisation that have HP laptops be requested to enter a BIOS password each time they login. I can set this up with the Vaio laptops we have, but not the HP ones.

The sony users are presented with a BIOS password request, then thier domain loggin request. With the HP's ones I cant see in BIOS where to set this.

I have taken HP protect tools off the HP machines as it is a pain and slows the machines down.

What options do I have?

Thanks in advance.
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I think under the BIOS, might have something like set password on the Hard Drive for protection options, you can search around for all the options under HP Laptop's BIOS, or else, try update the BIOS on the laptop and see .....
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There isnt anything there to allow power on password like most other machines. I can protect the BIOS itself, but wanted a two tier password login.
>>I can protect the BIOS itself, but wanted a two tier password login.

That should be the BIOS password protection only, any Hard Disk password protection ?? May i know the model of the HP Laptop ??
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It is an Elitebook 6930p. I want it so the user is presented with a BIOS password request then the windows login. I can do this with Vaio's, Toshiba's and older HP's, just not this particular model with the most current BIOS.

take a look from that manual, page 26 + 70, follow the steps and see whether it helps.
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I wanted to do it without HP Protect tools. I can can with other HP machines, just not this one. Not to worry. Thanks for your help.
or else you may online chat with HP and see what they can suggest to you, can just click here :
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After investigation, it is not possible to have  BIOS password set on a HP6930p unless HP Protect tools is installed