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Setting up MSSQL connection using IIS7 and PHP 5

I am trying to setup and establish a connection to our MsSQL Database Server from our Website Server. I am trying to setup the DLL, but looking in the php.ini file, I cannot find the MSSQL DLL extension at all, nor could I found the MSSQL dll. *note* I have already established a successful connection from PHP to MySQL. I am thinking one solution would be setting up an ODBC connector...

Here are the Web Server specs:
Server 2008 R2
IP Address (example
PHP 5.3.5

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Here are the Database Server specs:
Server 2008 R2
IP Address (example
SQL Server 2008 R2
MySQL 5.5.X

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Your issue may have to do with your version of ntwdblib.dll, the version shipped with PHP5 is corrupt.  Check out this post: .
You also have to install the mssql library.  Did you use the GUI installer?
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I may wait out the resolution you mention for "replacing the ntwdblib.dll file", but thanks for the info. As for the installation, our company's tech resource installed it, but they are much more familiar with IIS7/.NET ~ they just put PHP in with the IIS7 installation per our request, but do not have a lot of experience with PHP + MsSQL. Though they were able to setup PHP+MySQL, their eyes kind of glazed over at the PHP+MsSQL request.

Well, if they used the GUI installer (which they likely did since it's Windows) they probably just need to run it again and choose modify.  Then they can check the box next MSSQL in the list to add it, then they just need to replace ntwdblib.dll.  It's actually not very difficult to do.  Good luck my friend.
Hmmm, any way to "change" that setting? It should be much easier to do that.
Ok Experts-exchange members,

After a bit of research, I have successfully installed the PHP Manager for IIS. What I need assistance on is the proper download and instructions for MsSQL driver.

Help anyone?
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For PHP 5.3+, you need to download Microsoft's SQL PHP driver  The old php_mssql driver is not supported in PHP 5.3+ and will not work.
Ok, I downloaded the driver...and found multiple .DLLs with the documentation. I don't know which one to use. Here are the steps I am assuming one should do...
 User generated image


Put a copy of one of the 6 dlls in the directory into the php/ext/ folder


I am assuming use the v9 version (php_sqlsrv_53_ts_vc9)


Rename DLL from php_sqlsrv_53_ts_vc9.dll  - to - php_sqlsrv_ts.dll


Add this line to the php.ini file: extension=php_sqlsrv_ts.dll
Only issue I am seeing here is: My MySQL and MsSQL Database are on another IP address...will the DLL even work?

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Dave Baldwin
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I will check out your solution...thanks
Still having issues...I continue to look for answers.
Is the MS SQL connection the only thing not working?

Yes. I am able to connect easily with MySQL.
"I continue to look for answers." doesn't give us anything to go on.  Are you getting any error messages?  If so, what are they?  What tells you that it isn't working?

You can also click on "Request Attention" above and get some others to look at your question.
Still haven't had my question fully answered, so accepting David's response for now.