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Unable to connect to Home Folder in users profile

I'm working with a Server 2008 R2 environment.

From the Profile tab of a user account, under Home folder | Connect: I select the U: drive and enter \\servername\Shares\Users\theirname.  But I'm getting the following error on the Windows 7 Professional desktop: "Could not reconnect all network drives"

Windows XP Systems work fine

Checked security on C:\Shares\Users

Athenticated Users      Full Control
System            Full Control
Administrator            Full Control
Administrators      Full Control

Checked group policy :
user config->policies->admin templates->system->user profiles->connect home directory to root of share is disabled
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So I assume that sharename for c:\shares\users is SHARES?
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Yes Toxacon;

The sharename for c:\shares\users is shares.

Users logging on with Windows XP Systems map just fine.  It's Windows 7 users that have a problem.
So the is a path


We're getting all twisted on the path naming instead of focusing on the problem.

There were three clues in my original post:
(1) The share path \\servername\Shares\Users
(2) Checked security on C:\Shares\Users
(3) Windows XP workstations work fine with the Home Path setting.

So, a Windows XP user by the name of wcoyote gets a mapped drive to \\servername\Shares\Users\wcoyote, and the drive letter is U:

Windows 7, no mapping happens.

So can you do a manual mapping of U: to


from a Win7?
So can you do a manual mapping of U: to \\servername\Shares\Users\wcoyote
from a Win7?

YES! Pop! fast as you can blink. Full rights also.
Try the following:

Share the c:\shares\users\users as Users. Modify the U drive to map to \\servername\users\%username% in the Profile tab.
Sharing  the c:\shares\users\users as Users, and modifying the U drive to map to \\servername\users\%username% in the Profile tab has no effect.

I think we've used up any possible naming and mapping convention errors.

I'm thinking this may be something regarding a difference in how WinXP and Win 7 implement the AD profile mapping during domain logon, or some rights/permissions/ownership on the 2008R2 server vs. what Win 7 clients need.
The problem is really weird. What does the RSOP Planning say about the computer/user? Is there anything that relates to this?

Has the ADUC created the home folder or has it been set up manually?
I've never used RSOP and do not underatand how it works.

ADUC creates the user folder just fine. I never noticed any problems until I tried deploying these first Windows Prof 7 workstations.
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