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Problems reading a text file with PHP

I'm new to PHP and keep running into issues when I expect it to respond like C/C++ and it doesn't.

In this case I want to read a text file from the server and display to a web page while maintaining the formatting. Here's my code:

    if (file_exists($reqDescrFile)) {
      if ($fp = fopen($reqDescrFile, 'r')) {
        $reqDescr = fread($fp, filesize($reqDescrFile));
        $reqDescr2 = nl2br (htmlspecialchars ($reqDescr));
        echo $reqDescr2;

The problem is that fread doesn't appear to read ascii chars as I'm used to. When encountering quotes (') or (") it displays a black-diamond-? to the web page. The htmlspecialchars has no affect.

Text file:  It's more than
Web page output:   It¿s more than
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I don't know. Is this where it's set?

    <meta charset="utf-8">

Yes, that's for the web page but it's an incomplete declaration.  The correct line (taken from this page that you're reading) is below.  You also have to set it separately for PHP sometimes.  Here's a page about character encoding in PHP:
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

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Nope, neither the full line nor the page on encoding help.
I would bring the text file into a text editor that can change the character set like PsPAD to see what's going on.
Took me quite a while to figure this out. I created the .txt file using Notepad, which saves the text file in ansi_x3.110-1983 format, which is apparently done for backward compatibility issues. By opening the file with Wordpad and then saving as a text document in MS-DOS format, the PHP code in the browser is then able to read the file correctly. Still don't quite get it but it works.
Thanks for the points.  I run into this kind of thing all the time with 'text' that people copy and paste from Microsoft Word which includes some characters only found in the standard Windows character set.