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.Net 2.0 and Windows 7

I am having an issue installing an app that requires .Net 2.0 on a Windows 7 laptop. I know that .Net 3.5 is part of the os in Win 7 but my app won't install because it looks for .Net 2.0. I have tried installing .Net 2.0 but the os returns "This product is already installed as part of the operating system". I also have tried unchecking Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.1 in the Windows Features section. I have also tried running .Net Framework Cleanup Tool with no luck.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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older versions of .net should be included with the later versions as i understand you need the framework to be installed on top of something like IIS?

.net framework 2.0 should be apart of 3.5.1.

you can see if you have 2.0 components by navigating to:


your 2.0 version might be slightly different than mine...but perhaps you need to install 2.0 on top of IIS or something?

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You are correct. .Net 2.0 is installed with 3.5. The problem is that the app doesn't see it when it is installing and terminates the install with a window that states "You need .Net 2.0 to install this application". So what i'm trying to do is uninstall any .Net Famework that is installed as part of the Win 7 os and then install  .Net 2.0 so that the app sees it during its install.
man...MS hasn't made it easy for us have they?  ;)

well it sounds like you may be on the correct of luck to you and let us know if we can do anything to help!

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How are you packaging your application?
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I'm not sure what you mean. The application is installed by a Windows Installer Package.
Have you tried running the app in XP compatibility mode?
Alternatively because it sounds like a legacy app designed to run in a pre-win7 environment you could install the applications to run a virtual copy of XP on your machine, and install the app in that virtual XP - provided you have either professional or ultimate win 7 installed.
Oops...I was assuming it was an application you wrote and packaged yourself.  Is that the case, or are you just installing something you purchased/downloaded?
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Its a program we purchased.
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Todd Gerbert
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Thanks, I will try both ideas.