Remove focus border around a movie clip

I have a image gallery where clicking the thumbnails will load a swf or image. The issue I have is once any thumbnail is selected, there goes a blue line around the selected thumbnail.

How can I get rid of it.

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Angha110Author Commented:
I found out that the line appearing was part of the bitmap image and I fixed it in Photoshop.
I believe if you set the border = 0 (or none, I can't remember) that should do it. You might need to set in on the <a> tag, or the images depending on how your gallery is set up. The code, or a link to the gallery would help.

Angha110Author Commented:
I am not setting up any border. I am calling these thumbnail images using XML file.
How do I do this?

Angha110Author Commented:
There were no border created by Flash. It was the image itself which was corrected in Photoshop.
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