Remove Dead exchange server from domain


I have a network which had two exchange servers.  Exchange srv1 is fine and running with no issues.

Exchange server 2 was removed many months ago by previous admin but never removed from ad etc.

I need to clear this up before i add a new exchange server to the network.

How do i go about removing any mention of this old server?

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terminateallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to Adsiedit.msc from a Domain Controller and browse to
cn=Configuration---cn=Services--cn=Microsoft Exchange--cn=Your ORG Name---cn=First Administrative Group---cn=Servers---select the server name and delete it.

note:- Take a System Sate backup of the ACtive Directory First.
1) If Exchange server2 is not physically present then you will have to remove it manually.
2) Which version of Exchange it was and was that a Domain Controller as well?
timb551Author Commented:
Its was exchange server 2003 and no it wasnt a domain controller
Mahmoud SabryCommented:
timb551Author Commented:
Tired to do it in System manager but didnt work so used the adsiedit.msc.

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