Outlook 2011 for Mac not searching

I upgraded a client laptop with Outlook 2011 for MAC, connected to an Exchange 2010 server.  For some reason, the search does not return any results.  Any ideas what this could be?
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BCipolloneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Has the hard drive had been included in the privacy setting under the Spotlight preferences?

Go to Settings -> Spotlight -> Privacy
Ensure the drive you have your email stored on is not present in Privacy

Go to Settings -> Spotlight
Ensure email is turned on

Then open "terminal"
and type either
sudo mdutil -i on /ReplacePathToOutlookFolder
sudo mdutil -i on /Users
or just do the entire drive
sudo mdutil -i on /

Reference: http://www.officeformac.com/ms/ProductForums/MacOutlook2001/104
ptsolutionsincAuthor Commented:
I will give the recommendations above a try.  I have a scheduled appointment with the client later this week.
ptsolutionsincAuthor Commented:
Thank you BCipollone, your recommendations worked.
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