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PCMCIA driver don't install on Windows XP


I try to reinstall PCMCIA Driver on a IBM T60 laptop (Texas Instrument PCI-1510) but he always write 'An error occured during the installation of the device. The parameter is incorrect. I saw in device manager  'PCI to cardbus Bridge'. It seem that driver is included in Windows XP CD.

The owner had problem with a PCMCIA device so he uninstall the cardbus controler driver ands tried to reinstall it. And he have this problem now. I don't really know what he does but I can't fin a way to correct this problem.

I tried to put the hard disk in a exactly same model of T60 and I have the same problem. So it don't seem to be hardware problem.

Somebpody can help me?

thank you!

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I would try manually installing the Windows 2000 driver from here.
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It does the same thing
Open the Device Manager then under the View dropdown, select Show Hidden Devices.

Are there any flagged devices in the Non -Plug and Play devices?
no... all seem to be ok
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try drivereasy to update your drivers (free) :
Have you tried Add Hardware from the Control Panel. That might pick it up automatically. If not continue on to try to install it manually.
and note it may just be a bad device; test it when running from a live cd  : 
or install another os on another disk to test it..+ all  drivers..
edbedb: Yes I tried and it does the same thing

nobus: it is not a bad device like I said I tried it in an other T60,  exaclty same laptop. I just change the hard drive and I have the same problem.

So I do an image of the hard disk and do a factory reinstallation and the device work fine. The problem is that we have software on the old image that use PCMCIA device and we don't have any reinstallation disk of it. I tried to transfert this software and PCMCIA device driver to a new machine and it didn't work. This is a special manufacturer software and I tried to contact the business but no success. So this is why I want to tried to repair the problem.

Thank you!
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That Seem to work.Windows see the PCI-1510 correctly...Thank you!

I will let you know if everything work fine, I will go test it monday.
Glad to help.
Yes it work ... thank you edbedb!
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I have the same problem. How do I copy the SYSTEM hive?
I tried to copy that file and save it as a backup but I got a message saying that it was in use.
I do not have a file from before when it worked. I do have an identical system which has the same PCMCIA to PCI card and the driver installed correctly.  Can I copy something from that system and put it in the system that does not allow  for proper driver installation?
BTW what is a system hive?

alban - please post your own question
don't tag it to an existing one...