Domain rename issue

I am in the process of doing a domain name rename.  All was going well until the final stage where it sync the new domain details to the other domain controllers.

At this point i noticed a very old dc that an admin didnt dcpromo, they unplugged and formated.

If i try and remove the server in adsiedit.msc its failing because i am in the middle of a domain rename. Is there anyway i can clear this domain rename remove then server and then start the rename again?
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itbyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How about trying ntdsutil then doing a metadata cleanup.

Look for Procedure 1.
Do a metadata cleanup with ntdsutil:
timb551Author Commented:
Tried ntdsutil but it still complains there is a domain rename in progress
timb551Author Commented:
Bit of fiddleing and got it sorted.

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