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BES 5.0.2 : THe Page "BlackBerry Administration Service" does not open and gives an error message


I have the following environment:

BAS Server 01
BAS Server 02
BES Primary
BES standby

Just upgraded to 5.0.2

Well this upgrade had a problem the first time, it did not open the webconsole at all,

SO i started reading solutions form other people and one of them tried  this:

He went to

Servers and components > BlackBerry Domain > COmponent view > Black Berry Administration service

Under that I changed the settings from "UDP" to "TCP with TCP Ping" option

It still didnt solve my problem for opening webconsole

So i uninstalled 5.0.2 and then re-installed it again and the webconsole problem gone.

But now when i go back to

Servers and components > BlackBerry Domain > COmponent view > Black Berry Administration service

When I click

Black Berry Administration service

It gives me the following red colour error:

The application has encountered a system error. Please report this error to the System Administrator. (EXCEPTION-com.rim.bes.bas.servicemanager.ServiceNotFoundException)

So now i cannot enter that area at all coz of changing from udp to tcp...

please help...

thanx in advance.
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Rodney Barnhardt
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Are you in a Domino mail environment?
There is a chance you have screwed up the database. Here is what is on the BES support site about this error:

CauseThere is a missing value in the database.

ResolutionThis is a previously reported issue that is being investigated by our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.

If you are in a Lotus Domino environment, there is a possible work around:
Workaround 1
Instead of using the left hand sidebar links, you can access the components from the Home page, and then select Component view underneath Servers and components.

Workaround 2
1.Open My Computer and browse to the location of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server install files.

2.Navigate to: Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.0\Database\DBInstallScripts\SQLServer\5.0 and edit the file named "LoadPluginEmailDomino.sql"

3.Change USE "_DATABASENAME_" to the name of the BlackBerry Configuration Database. The default name is BESMgmt.

4.Change IF '_BES_TYPE_' = 'Domino' to IF 'Domino' = 'Domino'

5.Change _TIMEZONEOFFSET_ to the numeric offset for your time zone, i.e. -5 for Eastern time.

6.Make a fresh backup of the BlackBerry Configuration Database. For more information, see KB10292.

7.Run the LoadPluginEmailDomino.sql script using one of the following methods:

Using SQL Management Studio:
Open the script file from the File menu, and then click the Execute button in the Query Analyzer window.

Using the command line:
Open a command prompt and run the following command:

osql -E -i C:\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\ConfigUtil\db\script\DBInstallScripts\SqlServer\5.0\LoadPluginEmailDomino.sql

Note: You can use -S to specify a remote server, -U to specify a SQL authentication user account and -P to specify the password if needed.

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i am in exchange server environment and yea i saw these two articles...looks like i have to opena ticket with BB support...

sad there is no workaround for this....
Yes. I think at this point that may be your only option.
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but if I still keep it like this i.e. wait for the support to respond or come up with a work around, what harm can it do to my day to day work ?
I don't think there is any harm as long as you are able to complete any functions you need to. Does "Workaround 1" mentioned above, allow you to open the admin site? If so, then as long as you can function there shouldn't be a problem.
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workaround 1 is for lotus domino , i have exchange server so I dont have a workaround. Which areas does this settings mainly affect?
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I will open a ticket with blackberry support and will post the results here for others to benefit, i hope there is a solution with them ....
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""if i had changed it from UDP to TCP what harm it will do?""

I was reading a document and it explained about this settings in BlackBerry Administration Service area.

The default UDP setting is ok if our BlacjBerry is in one subnet

But if our BlackBerry infrastructure spans multiple networks and if UDP traffic is not allowed across the subnets then we can change it to "TCP with PING".

That would be because udp is not routable. Since it isn't working, there should be no harm in changing it.
Correctiom. Udp is routed, it just doesn't confirm its arrival or send an ack
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The Vendor Support Solved the problem