I'm trying to create a simple text editor that can create / open / save  text file
format text for 3 colors
and in the status bar it will count the lines in the text the words and the characters
it can do something like spell checking for 10 words of our choice and since the
to be able to save the text as it appears [colors]

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aciuicaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For a swing text editor I found this sample with some more formatting:
The save/read use java Serialization. If you don't like that you can read the StyledDocument content and store it in your desired format and then build a StyledDocument from it when you open it.
For the status you can register a DocumentListener to the document and make some tokenizing and counting.
For spell checking you can use as is or as source of inspiration for highlighting wrong spelled words and other stuff.
So what is it that you need?
rockas1982Author Commented:
an example project (netbeans) of this (if someone has one allready created) or something near to this
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