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Excel: VBA target = Combobox.value ?


I have a listbox that is chnages my charts.  I would like to add a target2 to show the chart title the complete value of the selection in the listbox.

Here is the code I am adding target2


Sub UpdateSummaryChartArray(ByVal lbItemCount As Integer)
Dim myRng As Variant
Dim Target As String
Dim Target2 As String  'Chart Title Name
Dim i As Integer
Dim mySeries As Series
Dim myRange As Range

   Target2 = ComboBox1.Value

    Sheets("Summary Dashboard").ChartObjects("Chart 124").Activate
    With ActiveChart
        i = .SeriesCollection.Count - 1
        For Each mySeries In .SeriesCollection
            If i > 0 Then
                i = i - 1
            End If
        Next mySeries
    End With
    For i = 0 To lbItemCount - 1 'for each item in the listbox that was selected
        Target = lbArray(i) 'keep the code as similar as possible to original combobox routine
        On Error Resume Next
        myRng = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Target, Range("Summary_Delta_Range"), Range("Summary_Delta_Range").Columns.Count, False)
        On Error GoTo 0

        If Err.Number = 0 And Not IsEmpty(myRng) Then
            Sheets("Summary Dashboard").ChartObjects("Chart 124").Activate
            With ActiveChart
                If i = 0 Then 'set x-axis labels only once
                    Set myRange = Range(myRng)
                    .SeriesCollection(1).XValues = "'Executive Rollup Data'!" & Range(Cells(5, myRange.Cells(1, 1).Column), Cells(5, myRange.Cells(1, myRange.Columns.Count).Column)).Address
                End If
                If i > 0 Then .SeriesCollection.NewSeries ' don't create the new series till past the first one
                .SeriesCollection(i + 1).Values = "'Executive Rollup Data'!" & Range(myRng).Address
                .SeriesCollection(i + 1).Name = Left(Target, InStr(Target, " ") - 1) 'name = initial word before a blank space of the combobox selection
                .HasTitle = True
                .ChartTitle.Text = Target2
                Selection.TickLabels.NumberFormat = Range("'Executive Rollup Data'!" & myRange.Cells(1, 1).Address).NumberFormat
            End With
            'do nothing
            Sheets("Summary Dashboard").ChartObjects("Chart 124").Activate
            With ActiveChart
                .HasTitle = True
                .ChartTitle.Text = "CAN'T FIND : " & Target
            End With
        End If
    Next i
End Sub

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Great I will implement this!