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Windows Updates Hangs XP Boot at Splash Screen

XP system.  Doesn't like
KB2393802 (KB2476687)

If any of these are installed, the system hangs at the Splash Screen .. the blue squares stop progressing and that is all folks!

Runs in safe mode - but not necessarily "with networking" in at least some of these cases.  I haven't tested each for *that*.

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hmmmm... all 3 of those seem to have something to do with "Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel could allow elevation of privilege".  Apparently they tweak the NTOSKRNL.EXE file (and related files), and not all systems are happy about it.

Since you have Safe Mode, the general consensus is to run the uninstaller EXE found in \windows\$NTUninsallKBnnnnnn$ and then Hide or Ignore the Updates.
I have an XP Pro machine with all those updates installed: KB239802 and KB2476687 recently, KP981852 in August, 2010, and KB979683 in April 2010. So they all work.

1. Are you building this system new? And if so did you apply updates more or less in order and install all the available updates?
2. If the system has been around for a while, so also have these updates, so then how long has this been going on? and, have you installed all available updates and service packs?
3. Have you checked for viruses and malware as that may be what is preventing updates?

... Thinkpads_User
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Malware is certainly a strong possibility (& already suggested above).

Try downloading & updating Malwarebytes anti-Malware, from here:
Run in normal mode.

If no Malware is detected, try Hitman Pro, a 2nd opinion scanner:
Hitman Pro
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1) I don't know much about the history of this machine.  It's been around for quite a while.
2) 4 updates were already blocked / hidden and I unhid them without writing down what they were.   :-(
3) Next, I ran updates and got a list of 12.  Installed a subset and got the problem.
4) Through a process of elimination, got the "bad" list down to those shown above.  They are now blocked/hidden.  All other updates have been installed.

It appears the problem started on 2/11 with an update - although I'm not sure which one and there were also those 4 hidden.
So, I used a System Restore Point from 2/10 to get it working again (quite a few times going throught the process of elimination).

Right now, updates are set to be alerted but only installed with interaction.  This isn't really what we want for this system.  Ideally, the automatic updates would be fully turned on.  The problem is: if we do this with no other actions then when will another update cause this to happen again?  Not acceptable....

Norton 360 is on this system and seems happy.    I did find comment suggesting turning it off before installation of such updates.... I don't think that should be necessary though....  
I can run AntiMalwarebytes with no problem and will.  But I rather doubt it's a parasite.
Already ran sfc but haven't tested these updates since.
Norton 360 has to be well set up or can be probelmatic. Try a complete and total uninstall of Norton and see if that allows you to go from there. Norton Internet Security is much more reliable than Norton 360 if you can back-pedal.    ... Thinkpads_User
I did a complete Norton Removal Tool cleanout.  Installed KB2393802 and the boot process hung as before.  Removed it and now it boots again.  Didn't try the other two.
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Notwithstanding the appearance, it seems that parasites lurked on this machine. AntiMalwareBytes didn't find any.  SuperAntiSpyware did though.
I've yet to retry the updates though....
you tried spybot as well?
I boiled it down to a single update that is being ignored.
Thank you much.   : )
Check out the Known Issues from this page
It states
"Certain systems that have Intel HD graphics cards or AMD ATI HD graphics cards may crash after this security update is installed. Microsoft has investigated this issue in partnership with both Intel and AMD. We have identified an incompatibility between this update and certain older versions of the Intel and AMD graphics drivers. Both Intel and AMD have posted updated drivers that resolve this issue. "