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Cannot see C: drive

We have a computer in our office that shutdown without notice and will not reboot.  I tried running the recovery console with no success.  The prompt came up but I couldn't run any commands.  I attempted to fix this with UBCD but the C drive does not appear when the UBCD Windows interface comes up.  I tried to find the C drive in explorer on the UBCD boot to grab some files but it also does not appear there.  
We are running Windows XP SP2 on this computer.
Anyone able to help?
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Houssam Ballout
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Can you see the hard drive in the BIOS?
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Cannot see hard drive in bios
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If you can't see it in the BIOS it is dead.

Check data cables (disk and motherboard) and power cables are correctly connected.  If nothing happens it is still dead.

Try connecting it to another computer.  If nothing happens arrange funeral for disk.
BIOS uses POST (power-on-self-test) before starting, as stated before if you can't see it into the basic input output system... it's gone.
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hmmmm... I still need to learn to type faster. Those last 2 post weren't there when I started.
  : /
Make sure that you don't have any loose or disconnected cables.
to sum it up, it can be :
- a bad HDD, or it's logic board (if you find the same MODEL and FIRMWARE -  replace it to test)
-a bad cable, or connector
- a bad disk controller on the mobo, you cna test that by connectoing to another mobo
- if you need the data - use the service posted by coral
Thank you much.   : )