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Is there any way to enable cache mode running outlook 2007

Is there any way to enable cache mode running outlook 2007 in a citrix environment (xen app 6)
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when i open outlook in the citrix environment, that option is greyed out anyway. so, there is no way to even enable that feature...right?
Microsoft Outlook disables setting cache mode on terminal service/Citrix. So it's not supported and that's that.
Even if you find the registry key and change it, cached mode will still not work.  It is blocked by MS and rightly so.
Just present a browser window for OWA. That's what I did so users can attach/detach files from corp servers.  
well, i am unable to save attachments but can open them in a web page instead. Contents of the attachment which can only be opened in the web page has to be copied first, before pasted on a new doc. Is this the norm or am I missing something.....
This with Outlook or OWA?  I believe OWA makes you save them first but I just select open in new window/tab and the attachment will open up.