sonicwall tz190: setup rdp using different port?

My server is setup for rdp, so I can access from outside by launching rdp and type in my External static ip. I tried to setup a workstation which is and tried to assign port 6666, so when i launch rdp, i can type in external static ip:6666
If possible, please show me step by step instruction. Thank you for your time!
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digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you have to do something manual.  run the wizard and after change ingress and egress rules for the translated service to the port you want.
1. Change the RDP port

2. Create a rule on the Windows Firewall (or turn it off) for that port.

If you are using the standard OS you should be able to create a firewall rule and be good to go. If you are using the enhanced OS it is more complicated.

Are you able to RDP to it locally?
okamonAuthor Commented:
I don't have problem rdp internally.
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run the public server wizard and during it, create a new TCP port 6666.
okamonAuthor Commented:
But are you sure that can do for example external port 6666 to internal 3389 ???
It looks it only do external 6666 to internal 6666
Cas KristCommented:
You want to do port translation, that can only be done with SonicOS Enhanced, do you have Enhanced?
If so it can be done with NAT policies.
Cas KristCommented:
You can run the public server wizard as digitap stated, but you have to alter auto-created policies and firewall rules.
You have to look at the 'original' and 'translated' services.
okamonAuthor Commented:
ok. so my question is can I use the wizard to achieve what I am trying to do? Or I still need to manually modify something after using the wizard??
digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
when the wizard runs, it created an ingress (WAN > LAN), egress (LAN > WAN) and a loopback NAT policy.

the policies should look like this.

ingress policy:
original service: 6666
translated server: 3389

egress policy:
original service: 3389
translated service: 6666
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