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Need help troubleshooting extremely slow upload speeds on the network remotely


I have a network of about 10 workstations, 1 server.  The server is an exchange/file server.  A user complained that no matter what computer he logged into OWA from, downloading an attachment was either very slow or just wouldn't work if it was larger.  After logging into the server, I ran a speed test and got 2.86mb download speed which is normal for Verizon DSL, but only .02mb for upload speed, which is supposed to be 768kbps.  The offsite backups are not running, and I scanned for viruses on the server.  I turned off most of the computers on the network, and still the same problem.  I rebooted the modem, router, and server as well.  I downloaded Wireshark, but I see mostly packets from logmein that I'm using.  I am working on this remotely, is there any easier way to troubleshoot whether the slow upload speeds are being cause by Verizon or because of increased useage?
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Router is Linksys RV082
Can you access the DSL modem and see what the synch statistics are?
The ip address that I have for the modem isn't responding, so no, it looks like I can't.
Well, you can call Verizon and have them verify there is no problem, they should be able to run a test from there end and see the stats.  Whether you want to trust them or not is another question :)
Yea, I already did that.  She ran the test but wouldn't give me the results.  She just started going through the power cycling and all that BS.  I already had the modem and router power cycled.  So I'm trying to figure out if something on the network is causing alot of traffic.
You mentioned that you were watching with wireshark, if this was on the Exchange server and you did not see any extra traffic, it is probably not a traffic issue.

Can you reporduce the slowness yourself when you hit OWA?
Yes, it is slow from my PC as well.  Let me see if I can export some of what I captured.
If you have wireshark, use this one.
Most of what I see is biolink-auth which from what I googled appears to be a fingerprint scanner?
Has this been going on for a while or jsut recently? This issue could be resulting from the DSL. Most DSL ISP's only offer 300k base and if they meet that they will not care about the fact that you have "up to" 3Mbps because they fulfill their agreement by providing 300k.

I would contact the rep and see if this is the case. Even at 768k it is still going to be slow, just not that slow.
They don't have a fingerprint scanner...

JPetersen, it just started a few days ago, everything was ok before that.
I thought the biolink-auth was the logmein packets.
Log-me in should be SSL packets.  I've never monitored to be sure, but that was my understanding of how they tunnel it.
I traced the port using netstat, and it goes back to the logmein.exe service.
Ok, then that is the only real traffic, logmein... so it does not appear to be on your end which would suggest it is a Verizon issue.
This is only testing the server packets correct?  It could still be a different computer on the network.
It could.  What sort of router do you have?  Can can you check utilization on the router?
It's a linksys RV082, I dont think it has many options for that.  There are only 2 computers on right now besides the server, I'll just shut them down.
Everything is turned off except for a printer and the server, still only getting 0.11 upload speed from
Any other ideas on pinpointing whether it's the router or modem?
Only way to really test that is to hook the modem to a PC and see if it performs any better than on the router.
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Service is up, but Verizon made it impossible to figure out why.