Will my son's 16 GB iPod work on my WPA or WPA2 network?

My son is about to buy the iPod from a friend and we're testing it out.  My router status page says I have (WPA or WPA2) security with (TKIP and AES) cypher type.

Before we start entering in the password, will the iPod we're looking at work at this security level, or just WEP?


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iPod touch will work with WPA/WPA2.

dlmilleAuthor Commented:
Ok and is there an easy way to get the very long password in the iPod without having to type it in?

It will work with WPA/WPA2. But from your comment about getting the long key to the iPod it sounds like you have a 128Bit encryption. This is not a problem just a long passwork to type in. There is no way to copy and paste it to anything on an iPod. iPad maybe, but unless it's an iTouch (then you could do email and cut and paste from there) it looks like you need to type the long key in. Sorry.
dlmilleAuthor Commented:
My son was able to type it in correctly in a notepad then copy/paste it in.

Thanks all!

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