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How to make a music video?


This may not be the best source for music videos, but I will ask anyway.

1) Can you recommend some good software to synch video to music audio. The online Animoto system is a good start, but there are others like the VJ Software solutions. I did not really want to spend hours in the Video editing package and aligning video according to a BPM value, hence my little look in VJ Software. Any thoughts or recommendations on this. In the end I am just wanting to string some images together with some transitions, but at the same speed as the music. I am not interested in all this 3D visualisation patterns that you get with most VJ "Dance" oriented S/W, but some of it can do this music sync stuff very well.

2) Can you recommend any good Music Video Forums?


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If you have access to a Macintosh computer, their iMovie application is a nice, simple way to make videos.  The best part is that it is included with the computer already!
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Thanks for the reply. However I do have a comprehensive PC based NLE Software myself. However the problem arises when using this approach you have to drop all your images in, decide on the length of exposure for all, decide on all the transitions etc. However the synch with the music is basic ie how long does an image show....1 sec for rock, 2 sec for blues etc. I have seen that in Sony Vegas you can work with Beats per Minute. However it seems that only in VJ type software do you actually get totally accurate video response since this genre of S/W is designed to work with Dance music for the clubs in realtime although one can record the playbacks as AVIs etc.

Other thoughts???

This is just a comment, not an answer, but: I have used quite a lot of NLE and VJ software, and unfortunately, I have not found an NLE package that does what your'e after.

And, of course the problem with VJ software, is that they are sort of designed for 'live' output, so as you say, you would have to get it (or something else) to record its output in realtime in order to get a video file.
I say this to comisserate with your problem and to hopefully clarify it some more with other potential answerers. - eg (maybe,more specific) : What vj software allows bpm triggering of events, and also allows recording of output?


Thanks for your comment. With regard to video recording of VJ s/w a possible solution is using "Fraps". However I have started to move away from VJ stuff since I think this type of brash video can detract from slower acoustic music. So actually I think the solution is to use NLE with slow fades that are obviously different and slower than the music. Obviously with live dance shows one needs a synched A/V experience. So back to my NLE I think.


Hi Sam.
Sony Vegas is also very good
How to beat-sync songs to video in Sony Vegas

If you have heard of Winamp and visuals that soo many programmers write
Using the idea behind G-force from Sound Spectrum , I love this tool
These guys may assist you since they make this software,
and these
Windows Live Movie Maker free, some work though
Sony Acid

there are a lot software available but depends on your budget and then you'll need add in the VST plugins.
So here's just a small offering for ideas.

Thanks for the ideas. Really appreciated. Yes I have come across soundspectrum and g-force.. I subscribed to it for about a year for the visualisations although if I remember correctly it was more to do with computed generated patterns than dealing with image files.

Yes, Sony Vegas is a real gem. You hear lots about Premiere, but it seems that many creatives now use SV. However I have to admit that I use Serif Movie Studio X3 which is a sort of SV Pro Lite. It does all I need at the moment and served me well, however I am getting very close to joining the "Creative In Crowd " !!!!


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@Merete, as always you are most helpful. I will take a look and award some marks !!!!


Thank you Sam, always a pleasure to assist where I can.