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How to upgrade raid 1 dynamic disks in windows 2003?

I need to upgrade the running out of space mirrored dynamic disks (80 GB each) using easeus pro partition manager I know that I can't resize dynamic disks, so here is what I'm thinking of doing, please correct me if I'm wrong;

1- after shutting down the server, take one of the old HDs out and put a new larger one (500 GB), let it rebuild.
2- replace the 2nd old one with another larger one, and let it rebuild.
3- break the mirror volume using windows, and then convert the disk to basic disk.
4- finally resize.

We have a dell power edge sc440 application and file servers.

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Is this a hardware RAID or a software RAID?  If it is a hardware RAID, #1 & #2 will not going to work.

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How do you plan on converting the disk back to basic, considering that the conversion process - without third party tools (none of which I've used and I'm not sure I would completely trust) - is not possible.  Converting to Dynamic is a ONE WAY option, like converting to NTFS, once converted, you cannot (easily, without third party tools) go back.

What drive are you resizing?  A data drive?  The C: drive?  WHY do you need to resize?  IF c:, What's taking up the space?

Diskpart may be able to resize data partitions for you.  Won't work on the C: drive though.
The workaround section of explains how to convert dynamic back to basic on a disk that was initially created as basic. Or if you're worried of messing up the partition table you can use software to do it -

The latest version of easeus partition manager also has dynamic to basic built into it.

Paragon partition manager also supports dynamic disks.
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it is hardware Raid 1, I'll convert using easeus pro as I stated in the question.
I'm resizing c drive and another partition on the same drive.

Can you please let me know if my steps are going to work or not using Easeus partition manager?
3- break the mirror volume using windows... Does not describe hardware RAID, you break hardware RAID by using the RAID controller's software, not with Windows.
if I'm imaging the drive and I'm using the same hardware Raid, why do I need to bread the hardware Raid?

after imaging the drive I will just replace it and it should be seamless to the hardware raid, isn't this true?
What RAID controller do you have? what you describe is software RAID with dynamic disks.
SAS 5i/R optional for SAS or SATA RAI.
Doesn't make much sense having dynamic disks then, can you post a screenshot from disk manager.
Here it is, but I think you are right, I just doubled checked in the device manager and there is no scsi controller there, my fault, I apologize.

so now that there is no raid one, can I break the mirror using windows, convert to basic disk using easeus, image both drives, then replace them?

do I image both drives after breaking the mirror, or only one, then put the 2nd new drive without imaging, after converting the new disk back to dynamic and build a mirror? User generated image
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OK, I'll try it this weekend and let you know.
Perfect, worked like a charm..thank you...