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Posted on 2011-02-11
Last Modified: 2013-11-19
How could I change the attached image from red transparent text to green transparent text in Paint Shop Pro? Watermark
Question by:hrolsons
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Accepted Solution

captain earned 150 total points
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I am not sure about Paint Shop Pro but in Photoshop you can adjust the Hue of an image with a slider.

There is a link which seems to point the same controls is PSP:

You may need to mask the area you want to change or the white may be unaffected, but that is something you will discover when you try.

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Assisted Solution

BillDL earned 350 total points
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You don't say what version.  I have an older version 7 and the easiest way I found is as follows (consult the image for step numbers):

1. Color Menu.
2. Colorize (new dialog appears).
3. Click the "Proof" and "Autoproof" buttons in. This shows changes immediately in image.
4. Set Saturation to full (255).
5. Sstart changing the "Hue" slider and letting it go until you see the right shade of green. The example is set at 98.
6. Color is applied to image because "Autoproof" is enabled.
7. Click OK button.
File > Save or File > Save As.

 Paint Shop Pro 7's "Colorize" dialog.
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Expert Comment

ID: 34880911
I can adjust the colour to green but since the letters are part of the background it all changes to green
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Actually, the link provided by captainreiss is the easist way to immediately assess the colour change you are applying.  Give him the points :-)

The dialog looks a bit different in the old pre-Corel Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, but the steps are much the same.

In case you wondered about the checkerboard pattern in my screenshots, that shows the transparent background.  If you aren't seeing it, you can usually show it using the Colors menu > View Palette Transparency.  It is a good way to guage how transparent your overlay text is.

To change the red to green as suggested in the link by captainreiss, but in the older versions of PsP:

layers menu > New adjustment layer > "Hue/Saturation/Lightness" option.
A 2-tab dialog appears.
Under the "General" tab verify that the layer is visible.
Under the "Adjustment" tab click the "Proof" and "Autoproof" buttons in.
"Edit" drop-down = Master.
"Colorize" box = Checked.
Move the "Hue" slider across until you see the shade of green you like.
Move the "Saturation" slider up to 100%.
Move the "Lightness" slider carefully to catch the desired strength of colour before it either fades out or goes grey.
File > Save or File > Save As.

 As described above
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Expert Comment

ID: 34880932
Lol tanks BillDL I have PSP 7 professional
 and couldnt get that green using the same method.
I guess I should have tinkered a bit longer

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ID: 34880943
Gosh were you in hurry to accept the first answer hrolsons,  BillDL's was the right answer using PSP.
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Expert Comment

ID: 34880981
Hee, hee.  Let's compare the colour of green you chose against mine Merete.  I think mine may be a more masculine shade.  Yours reminds me of the blocks of green cheap soap they used to cut into blocks and put on the hand basins of the toilets in my school many years ago.  I think mine may be more of a vomit or infected sputum colour  ;-)

Thanks hrolsons.  Captain Reiss hit the nail on the head with a good link while I was messing, and seeing as most people probably have a more recent version of PsP than us poor people still using the "Millenium Edition", the screenshots in the linked page are probably the better representation.

 Hopefully a nice shade of green
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Expert Comment

ID: 34881138
Hehah did they have soap in your school lol
Interesting how they have a slight difference, mine seems a little brighter yours has a bit of olive in it.
I may have been under one number.
I love my Paintshop Pro 7  and will not upgrade,
 it is just too good compared to the newer versions.  It has animation and lots of great simple tools
They upgrade their products then take out the best bits and charge for them like a plugin add on.
Same with Nero, I have Nero Ultimate 7 $300 dollars boxed version and the new Nero 10 which my partner bought on my advise lol..and guess what it does not have Nero Photosnap viewer, I am so dissappointed with the new Nero 10.
Snapshot viewer is an awsome tool to edit images, that's what I used to create the first Sample.
All good fun though, thanks for sharing the tip
regards Merete

Author Comment

ID: 34881185
I'm using PSP 8 and still love it.  I gave BillDL 350 pts and captainreiss 150.  I just forgot to click "Best Solution" for BillDL.

I actually ended up getting it to work using the Hue, here's my version(It's very light, but does just what I need):my version
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Expert Comment

ID: 34881214
Excellent lol a new green colour
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Expert Comment

ID: 34881699
Aha!!  I now see why the lighter shade and transparency is important:

Just one last note.  Have you tried using some of the effects in PsP?  I was just messing with the chrome, emboss, chisel, drop shadow, etc effects, and some of them yield pretty nice results that would not detract too much from the plans but would render them pretty much unusable if downloaded by someone who didn't fancy paying.

PsP by default merges layers on saving, so there shouldn't be any risk of someone being able to separate the layers and exclude the watermark you overlaid.

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