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Wired Internet Connection to Wireless

Hi Folks,
I got a new internet connection for my lappy. But the connection is wired, so a LAN cable came to my home which got fitted to my laptop. By this way I lost the portability!!

So is there anyway to connect a router where it will convert my wired connection to wireless. My laptop has bluetooth support.

Please tell me different modems of such type available in the market!!
1 Solution
hmm, sounds like you just need to buy wireless router and then connect the cable from your wired connection to the wireless router... .are you familiar with how to do this?  the instructions a wireless router comes with should explain all of this with great clarity.

i personally prefer netgear wireless routers, but anything from netgear, linksys, belkin, will work well...

let us know if you have any other questions!

sumanthpuvvulaAuthor Commented:
hmmm no, am not familiar wid diz....but anway will try to get dat up..........but wat am worrying is the speed.....shifting from wired to wireless needs relaxation on d speed? Now am getting 1MbPs speed!!
1Mbps is easily handled by any wireless router.  Even the oldest ones don't really get much slower than 8mbps.

Of course, as you move farther away from the router, the signal strength will go down, and your speed will slow... it's basically just radio:  the farther you are from the tower, the weaker the station comes in.
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