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insufficient disk space in datastore vmware server

I am using vmware server 2.0 to run a windows 2k8 r2 server. It ran out of space (100gigs) so i increase the drive capacity additional 100 gigs. For some reason that additional 100 gig didn't get allocated to the VM. I am unable to extend the drive in the disk manager. however a 100 gig vmdk tmp file was created in the vm datastore folder taking up that space. Even with that i still have another 100 gigs free on the harddrive. So i try allocating another 20 gigs and i'm getting reconfigured virtual machine failed error. insufficient disk space in datastore. Any ideas?

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After you modify the drive size to 200 GB in VMware edit settings on your virtual win 2k8 server, you also need to extend the volume from within the OS.

See for a procedure

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I try to extend it within windows but there are no space available. The extend option is greyed out. It seems like the vm server allocated 100 gig to a vdmk tmp file but that space is no where to be found in windows
can you post a directory listing for the VM, as well as a screenshot of the Edit Settings page for the virtual HDD
And a screeshot of disk manager hilighting the drive in question
It sounds as though you have added another disk to your Win2k8r2 guest rather than extend the current disk.
Check in the management interface under edit, do you have an additional disk assigned?
You may need to power down the guest, commit any snapshots then extend the disk.
Once extended power up the guest and in the windows diskmanager extend the 100GB disk from a Windows perspective.
You can also use diskpart to extend your disks in Windows.
I'm pretty sure i extended the drive but something happened during the process. Attached are the screen shots. Thanks. User generated image
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Another thing to look at is vmware-vdiskmanager

User guide:
does anyone know if i can delete the "virtual machine .vmdk.dfgshkgrw-tmp" file that is taken up 100 gigs?
You probably can't if the VM is up.... And you definately should not with the vm down (at least until you have a good backup)

I would still try replicating it off the another box with vmware converter 4.3, Make sure it comes up there with workstation or player.

At that point you can delete it and use converter to put it back resizing the disk as you do so.

i tried the solution from the link you provide and i got this message when i use the command prompt. Basically i'm trying to increase the volume by 1Gb. I can increase the disk space of another VM from the same datastore so i know there is available space.

C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Server>vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -x 101Gb "c:
\vmware\datastore3\xxx\Virtual Machine.vmdk"

Failed to expand the disk 'c:\vmware\datastore3\xxx\Virtual Machine.vmdk':
 An error occurred while writing a file; the disk is full. Data has not been sav
ed. Free some space and try again (0xd00000008).

i'm still waiting for vmware to authorize me to download the converter.
I think to do the expand you need to have lots of free space on your datastore. Looking again at your screenshot where maximum capacity is 236 GB - that would mean you have 136 GB free on the datastore (original 100GB + 136GB to grow into for max size).

You try to increase by 100GB - to do that I believe the process is
Create -tmp volume same size as base disk (100 GB)
If successful copy old disk to -tmp for backup
If successful create 200GB new drive (can't because now only 36GB free)
If successful then copy old disk to new disk
If successful then delete old disk and rename new disk

Older products like vmware server and old versions of workstation were not very efficient in their use of disk space.

I still think Converter will be your best bet - would be afraid to try too much with that -temp file out there. If you wish to forge ahead with expand what you have - is there something else
I tried to increase it by 1Gb and it still gives me error. I guess i will try the converter but i'm still waiting for VMware to give me access to the download.
OK, don't you already have an account from when you downloaded vmware server? Its been ages since I registered but don't recall it taking very long...
The disk manager failed but the converter worked for me. Thanks for all the help.