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Installing Windows 2008 Server

I have a windows 2003 DC.  I just bought a new server and so the plan is to install windows 2008 on the new server.

The new windows 2008 server should be a DC and a DNS server.

How should I approach this.  I am no experience with windows 2008 server.  Thx
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I don't understand when you said " update clients to use this as a secondary DC"  Do you mean DNS
Sorry, yes typo, I meant DNS ;)
I'm assuming this is a fresh installation of a domain.  If so, here is a good guide on how to do this:

Once you have the domain controller in place, turn off your DHCP on your network (if you have a router / firewall handling it), then enable it on the domain controller.

Once that is complete, restart the workstations, do a ipconfig /all and see if they are pointing to the DC for DNS and DHCP.  Once the clients are pointing to the workstation, join the PCs to the domain.  You will have to create the AD accounts also.
No, It's not a new domain.  I already have a windows 2003 sever which is a DC and DNS server.
This will be a second DC 2008 DC i will be installing.  I just wanted to know what to do first.
Look over the links this will provide you with the steps
>>This will be a second DC 2008 DC i will be installing.  I just wanted to know what to do first.

As I said in my first post, this is covered in steps 1 to 4 in my guide.
Got it.  Thank you demazter
On the money.  Thanks again.