Hp DL 380 vs Dell powerEdge(TM) T710 Rack

I have DL 380 g6 running win 2003 Ad . just i am thinking of going with dell this time . due to good price conpare with hp this time . i have all my servers HP and this thime thinking of going with dell (2008 AD)

how about your experts feedback of having same brand or two brand in interms of service and support .

I did not have good service and support due to the place where are in . with the 3 year warrenty . we have to keep our own stock (HDD,memory ....) . most of the times our local agents doesn't have stock .

i have no idea about your end
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Glen KnightCommented:
Well...personally, and because I have used HP/Compaq products for 14 years I will always use HP, and in fact, I have been known to replace Dell servers with HP because I have had bad experiences with reliability from Dell servers.

From a price perspective, you get what you pay for, and I believe yo uare getting a better product from a HP server.

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Never really used HP, but have used Dell for over 10 years. For the servers I have never had a failure in the motherboard, RAM, or power supply. They have always met the service period for shipping out replacement drives and other parts (next business day). Their 3rd party service personnel for PCs and laptops have always been spot on.  Never had an issue with them shipping parts like additional RAM or hard drives. We don't need to keep any spare parts.  We have a bunch of servers that are out of warranty and I am not worried about them. Their phone and chat support is good too.  

I buy all of my Dell servers with DRAC Enterprise, with is like the iLO. Full power management, out of band console access and remote media support. I used it to wipe Windows 2008 from a server and loaded Hyper-V Server R2 in a remote datacenter from my desk. :-). The rack rails are the best in the business. They just snap the rails into the rack and then you drop in the server.

One downside is that the time from when you place a custom order to when they ship has gotten longer. It used to be 3-5 days, and now it's more like 10.

Do you need extra hard drive or PCIe slots that is pushing you to the T710 instead of the R710?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I loath HP.  Virtually every experience I've had with them has been in some way negative.

The last time I tried calling their support at the request of one of my clients who just wanted a technical specification confirmed, the response I received was "you can open a paid support incident for that since the server is out of warranty".  Are you kidding me?  Something that your sales guys could have easily answered 4 years ago?  Insanity.  Dell has NEVER done something like that on server products.  I've been using Dell for nearly 15 years and while there has been the occasional issues, MOST of the time their support has been fine (and almost always answered by someone who natively speaks English - important to me).

In fairness, I only have a small sample of calls to HP and a huge sample over the years to Dell.  Though I've also not had many reasons to call Dell in recent years.  All my clients use Dell servers and workstations, probably about 10 servers and 150+ workstations and I make a call 2-3 times per year... (they all use BUSINESS class systems, but they are all Dell).... and the call is usually for silly things like a failed mouse or I did just call a couple days ago for a monitor backlight that went out - we had the replacement next day.
I've a mix of HP and Dell for workstations and server.  The most reliable was an old Compaq tower running Netware on DOS...got over 700 days of uptime.  Never had hardware problems with Dell servers.  Only reports were after I left...one Dell 5u "crashed" and lost all data.  Replaced with an HP that 3 years later started losing fans left and right, then a PSU.

I don't have a problem with either brand, as I try to call tech support only when I have hardware problems...with server-grade hardware, that's rare to never.  I call for replacement parts, and need them in a hurry.  Needless to say, there are no brands that stock

all the items you need
for 24-hour replacement
at a decent price

Pick any two.

Desktops...well I've got three identical Dells under my desk right now with blown caps.  Two that were already recycled.  Another two are going flaky and will need to be replaced soon.  I have white-box machines that are more reliable.  I'd never recommend Dell for desktops to anyone.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
I am a fan of HP servers and buy nothing else.  Having used HP for the past 15 years when it comes to servers, I know what I am getting, know what works with what, know how reliable they are and know that I can install them into my customer's sites and have few headaches.

From my experience, I have had nothing but good support from HP and have nothing negative to say about them.

Dell on the other hand - I have plenty to say about their support and I won't air my views on here as the air will start to turn blue!

Long and the short - they are probably both as reliable as each other.  HP have been around a lot longer than Dell and are widely used in industry (as I suspect are the Dell servers now).

Spare HP parts are easy to get hold of and when my Disk Controller died in my ML350 G3 a few years back, all it took was a couple of phone calls and a courier and I was back up and running in 4 hours and that wasn't with a service agreement with HP!

If all you rely on is the 3 year warranty with HP - have you tried their 3 Year 6 Hour Call To Repair Support Pack for about £500 for the 3 years?  They then have to provide you with replacement parts to fix your problem within 6 hours.  Money well spent IMHO.

>> The rack rails are the best in the business. They just snap the rails into the rack and then you drop in the server.  <<

HP Rails are just as simple to install.  Snap them into the rack and then add the server and job done.

I guess the question you will have to ask yourself is if you buy a Dell Server, will you also have to keep stock of Spare Parts because Dell can't reach you easily and quickly enough?  Do they offer an enhanced Support arrangement as HP do and is it worth the money?  HP's extra support is IMHO.

I have seen Cisco switches with blown caps as well as lots of ASUS boards.  That was an industry problem with a bad supplier about 10 years ago.  
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