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I have a linksys wireless G - Broadband router.  I've been using this router for several years and it has been working good.  I have my PC connected via an ethernet cable and my laptop connected wirelessly.

I just bought a new Samsung Series 6 6900 TV and setup my Internet@TV connection to my wireless network and I also have my 3G iPhone as well as a new Logitech Harmony 9000 RF Universal Remote.

I'm finding that my iPhone has the most problems staying connected to my wireless network.  It will connect, but the TV remote control application always has to auto discover the TV, which is a pain.  It takes several minutes for the connection to re-establish.

I'm also getting slower speeds and sometimes the wireless network connection to the TV can take awhile to connect or be slow.  It shows that my network connection speed on the Internet@TV averages 1.43Mbps. I have DSL with CenturyLink and the speed on my PC is good.

So, I was looking at a wireless booster, but there were differing user reviews.

I'm looking at suggestions on what might be the best approach to get a solid good signal so it works well with my iPhone, Internet@TV, and doesn't interfere with my Logitech Universal remote or makes that signal stronger as well.

Oh, my wireless router is setup in my office which is in the back of my house.  So, the signal has to bounce around walls to get to the living room where my entertainment center is located.

Thanks for any help.
-Dman100-Software ConsultantAsked:
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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think if you purchase a new wireless N router, you will find a huge improvement in range, even at G speeds. If you have a mix of G and N devices, make sure you get a router which can run G and N separately on separate channels, otherwise your G devices will slow down your N devices.

The current Apple Airport Extreme is a good example of this type of router.  http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC340LL/A/AirPort-Extreme?fnode=MTY1NDEyMQ&mco=MTU3MDc0MzM
 Or the Linksys E3000 if you want to stick with LinkSys  http://home.cisco.com/en-us/wireless/linksys/specs?icid=meeteseries_compare_btn
-Dman100-Software ConsultantAuthor Commented:
How do you determine what devices are G and N?  The only thing that is connecting wirelessly at the moment to my network is my laptop, 3G iPhone, my samsung TV with the Internet@TV connection.  That's it.

Why is the N router such an improvement in range over the G?

Thanks for your help!
Frankly, I don't know why the N routers are a big improvement over the G ones for range, but I suspect it is probably just that they are newer and technology has improved. I noticed a huge increase in range when I replaced by LinkSys WRT54G with a WRT300N. My router is in the basement, and the WRT54G had a weak signal on the first floor, but the WRT300N had a strong signal on the second floor.
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carrolc575Connect With a Mentor Commented:
speaking from experience that g is still fine what you need is a wirless extender
this is the dest one i have comp across and have it in many of our client sites that need a little bost tot heir wiless network w/o getting a new router...
you just have to match the channell securty(if its on) and the ssid of your wiless though its web app or you clould use a laptop w/ the disk it comes w/ to auto config the device...
rfc1180Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Wireless is great for the home for limited distance; when you are talking about getting boosters to extend the range, forget it, seriously. Sorry to be so direct, but wireless is not a technology that is for everyone; RF is very complex and if not setup correctly can cause issues such as you are seeing and introducing a booster could make things worses. I would recommend a powerline product over wireless a product any day of the week (Home Use).

Good Luck
Boosters can be a pain in the neck. You have an old router. If you get newer one, it will likely solve your problem. Why not buy one from someplace with a good return policy, and if you don't find it solves your problem, take it back?
So what exactly did you decide to do?
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