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Exchange 2007 SCR questions

Regarding Exchange 2007 SP2.

Have been reading a great article about SCR here: I was hoping someone could confirm my understanding.

1. The ReplyQueueLength is on the Target will always be high unless a backup is taken of the relevant database.

2. CopyQueueLength is number of logs on the Source waiting to be sent to the Target. A high number means that these logs can't be sent and there is some sort of problem.

3. It is possible to Suspend SCR for a SG (suspend-storagegroupcopy) - but how I can tell if SCR is suspended for an SG? I know I can run get-storagegroupcopystatus - if the status is SUSPENDED, does this mean that the copy has been suspended manually by an Admin? There is no other way? Is there any other way a SG Copy could fall into that state?

4. If I have a standby server (i.e. SCR target), is there anyway to find out what the associated Source is? I know I can run get-storagegroup xx | fl to find out a source's target, but is there any way to do this the other way around?

5. And one more non-SCR related query. If I jump onto any Exchange server, is there a way to find out what its role is (e.g. SCR target, Hub, CAS etc)?

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