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SharePoint 2007 database connectivity issue


I have 2 server farm setup of Moss 2007:
2. DB server.

We have delivered multiple simple sharepoint sites on this server since last many months and everything was fine perfectly fine.
But suddenly yesterday when browsing any of the moss site, it kept asking for credentials and never eventually opened it.
I digged into the event logs of WFE and found following errors there:
1. Event ID:7888 and event ID:3355

Both of them talked about issue connecting with sql server. Our db server is working fine and i am able to ping it from WFE as well.
Moreover nothing special has happened on these servers (updates/config changes/farm credentials etc.),though we did deployed a simple moss collaboration site couple of days back,but that too is not exposed to public, so no issue of memory leaks could be there as well.

While browsing the net, most of the people seems to be suggesting to upgrade the sql server2005 to SP2, but i am not able to find the reason why should i do that,bcoz everything was working fine earlier as well??

On db server following error is coming:
Event ID:17310

I even just found that we are fast running of disk space on db server and have only 700MB of space left there. When i digged and have just found that db log size have increased to more than 20 GB, Can this be an issue? can i clear the  db logs, will that cause any impact on app.?

I am not able to access any of the application, not even central admin.

Can you please provide pointers on how to resolve the same?

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Clear the logs and in fact I'd recommend you switch the database to the 'Simple' recovery model to avoid generating such large files.  Transactional database restores aren't safe in SharePoint and unless you are using a product specifically designed for recovery in SharePoint the transactional logs are useless.

Are you backing up your non-Administration databases frequently?
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I will definately compress/limit the log file size. These log files are db logs and not moss logs.
I restarted my WFE and sharepoint is back up and running, but i could still see same error in db server event logs (event ID: 17310).

I am still trying to figure out root cause for same. Can this behavior be due to some memory leaks?

Any pointers on how to mitigate/resolve this issue?

Restart desn't seems to be the solution to me, as this error can again come back to haunt us.

If you haven't been applying the latest Windows Server service packs nor the proper Sharepoint updates (in order) then these types of errors are almost impossible to remove.

By the way, the SharePoint Usage Tracking/Logging adds a LOT of data.  Accumulated over years it can overwhelm a server.

What maintenance are you executing on the server?
There is no maintenance exercise going on server, it just happened automatically.

We have found the reason for this issue.
Issue is that search has hanged while crawling which has created all mess.
But now i am unable to stop the crawling of search as well,and status is showing as "FULL Crawling".

I tried restarting the search services, trying to stop the crawl from central admin and stsadm command, but no avail.

I read that it is a known moss bug and was solved in this fix;EN-US;956056, but our moss installation is already of higher version (

Any clues on how can search be stopped from crawling.
This search crawling is creating a lot of sql dumps which in turn is consuming all of HDD space as well.

I'm sorry I wasn't clear.  I wasn't asking if you executed maintenance to cause this problem I was asking if you have been doing scheduled maintenance (past tense) on the server.

I've experienced this exact problem and I'm sorry to say it's a very bad one and preventing it requires applying the Windows Server and SharePoint Updates and Service Packs in the correct order.  That is very key.  Sadly not all of the updates in MOSS 2007 are cumulative and skipping a previous update means that the update wasn't applied and cannot be because the schema is now a newer version.

I'm sorry to say that I think you should contact Microsoft Support.  Your farm is in jeopardy of permanent harm and might require a rebuild.
We have finally being able to resolve this issue. This was a product bug and was an issue with preserving of duplicate index key. I got a root cause of issue from following article:

Kudos to him for pointing the root cause, but instead of taking the steps which he mentioned, i read in one of the MS service packs that this used to be a known issue and got resolved with service pack.
So i went ahead and installed SP3 of Sql server 2005 and restarted the server.
Amazing all the issues got resolved. Now search is working perfectly on server.

OK, do not under any circumstances every tell Microsoft that you touched the schema directly.  It means you void all future support.  I know this first hand.  They would have done the same thing as you but it would have been MS approved.
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