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Time Conversion

I need to convert a time that is a string value to a time value only - i want to subtract 2 times to get the difference- it will not allow it because of it being a string?

Trying to accomplish this:

Currently the 15:10:00 and other time is a string.

15:10:00  -  15:01:00  =  9:00
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Mike McCracken

Try this formula

Local StringVar strStart := {YourStartTimeSring};
Local StringVar strEnd := "{YourEndTimeSring};
local Timevar tmStart;
local Timevar tmEnd;
local NumberVar nbrSeconds;
local NumberVar nbrMinutes;
local NumberVar nbrHours;

tmStart := TimeValue(strStart);
tmEnd := TimeValue(strEnd);
nbrSeconds := DateDiff('s',DateTime(CUrrentDate,tmStart), DateTime(CurrentDate,tmEnd));
nbrHours := nbrSeconds\3600;
nbrSeconds := nbrSeconds mod 3600;
nbrMinutes := nbrSeconds\60;
nbrSeconds := nbrSeconds mod 60;


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Sorry i should have added that I have a date field that goes with the time - just separate
When I tried the formula above it comes up with all the times starting at 12:00. Do I need to add the date to the time?  When it tried before to do this formula it did not show properly


The time shown on the left in the screen shot is the proper time. The time on the right side is when I use the formula above to convert to datetime value. No sure why it would be different?
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I should have said to display the answer in 24hour format so that 0 hours shows as 0 hours rather than 12

What does the date field have?

The format for the date is 01-01-2011
Is the date field a date or string?

Sorry, a string
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Mike McCracken

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If you need the date the function expects dates as 2011-01-01

That worked. Thanks for the expert help.