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Previous Versions of Windows at Bootup

Dear Experts,

I recently had a computer crash on my Lenovo laptop that left me unable to boot up to my Windows XP.  I figured it was time to upgrade to Windows 7 anyway, so I went ahead and installed Windows XP Pro (so that I could continue using my XP programs).  The Windows 7 works fine, but everytime I boot up I get a screen that gives me choices of booting to Windows 7, a previous version of Windows, and a couple of other options.  The problem is that if I'm not there to cursor up to the Windows 7 option it automatically tries booting to my previous version (which is corrupted and leaves me with a blue screen with a bunch of "can't do it" messages which requires me to manually shut down the computer and restart it).  Is there any way to get rid of the vestiges of the XP program so that the computer just boots to Windows 7 ??


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Right-click on Computer; select Properties;  click on Advanced system settings; click on Settings in the Startup and Recovery section; and then change the Default operating system to Windows 7.
I recommend a third party (free) program called EasyBCD which has a good user interface to accomplish what you want.

Get it here:
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EasyBCD is the normal recommendation for this but you can also change what you want in an account with admin rights by typing MSCONFIG into the search bar and changing the options in the Boot tab.
Click Start- type msconfig and hit enter- After launching msconfig - select boot tab- and highlight the boot entry that need to be deleted -select the entry and press the delete button. Click ok and then restart the computer.

Issue will be resolved.

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I've tried both of the solutions suggested.  First I tried the MSCONFIG solution, which already had Windows 7 as my default OS.  Then I installed EasyBCD, which allowed me to eliminate everything OTHER than Windows 7 from my Boot process.  Even after doing so, the computer defaults to "Microsoft Windows XP Professional Setup", and I need to cursor up to Windows 7.  I think that the problem which originally prompted my upgrade to Windows 7 occurred during an attempted RE-installation of my previous (and crashed) Windows XP.  Maybe I'm caught in some limbo in the middle of the Windows XP attempted installation that I can't get out of.  Any ideas?


How about editing the boot.ini file?
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And theres this article about using BCDEdit:

Thanks!  I was denied access to the Boot.ini file for some reason (I am the only user, as well as the administrator, of the system), but in the course of trying to move the file to another location where it would grant me access (out of the root directory), the problem is solved.  I guess I don't need the Boot.ini file for anything.

For future use to edit the file in it's normal location you need to open the editor with enhanced admin rights (right-click "Run as administrator")