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Facebook Page Fans


I am a ASP .NET  developer, and dont know much about PHP :) or facebook

I am creating a Facebook page, of a software that I give for free, but I want to give the link of download ONLY to my fans.

I found this article  and this example ....

I dont have any idea how to do that in my page :( any of you can explain me abit step by step, a simple example how to show a link to my fans and no others.

somethin like...
this is the link:
become a fan to download the software;

and where? where i should put the code :p I barely know how to use Facebook...

I really apreciate your help... thanks
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On that second page they tell you the code to do it. I havent been able to get it to work on one of my fan pages though.

<!-- start non-fan part -->
<div class="top">
Become fan to download the software
<!-- end non-fan part -->

<fb:fbml version="1.1">

here is the download link


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You can try this in PHP

IF($_REQUEST['fb_sig_is_fan'] === 1){
echo "Here is the download link";
echo "Become a Fan";

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It heped to me, and I hope any other that have this problem can sove it :)