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LINQ - Groupby datatable & sum C#

Hello all,

I have following values in datatable.

uid1 varchar(100),
          TotalVisitors INT,
          TotalOrders INT,
          TotalRevenue decimal(18,2),
          ProductRevenue decimal(18,2),
          ShippingCost decimal(18,2),
          AvgOrderValue decimal(18,2),
          UIDDesc varchar(100),
          TotalItems INT

and I want to group the data table by UIDDesc. and I want to sum up all the columns except uid1.

I have used following Linq query because I found out that we can not use groupby directly on datatable.

I have 2 issue one my application is on framework 2.0 so I cant use Linq. can you please tell me what can I do to solve this problem without using linq.

and also I tried using linq and I have added the code below please let me know whats wrong with the code its not working.
var query = from rawdata in dt.AsEnumerable() 
                    group rawdata by rawdata.Field<string>("UIDDesc") into grp
                    orderby grp.Key
                    select new
                        UIDDesc = grp.Key,
                        TotalOrders = grp.Sum(r => r.Field<decimal>("TotalOrders")),
                        TotalRevenue = grp.Sum(r => r.Field<decimal>("TotalRevenue")),
                        TotalVisitors = grp.Sum(r => r.Field<decimal>("TotalVisitors")),
                        ProductRevenue = grp.Sum(r => r.Field<decimal>("ProductRevenue")),
                        ShippingCost = grp.Sum(r => r.Field<decimal>("ShippingCost")),
                        AvgOrderValue = grp.Sum(r => r.Field<decimal>("AvgOrdervalue")),
                        TotalItems = grp.Sum(r => r.Field<decimal>("TotalItems")),
                foreach (var grp in query)
                    StringBuilder table = new StringBuilder();
                    table.Replace("@uid@", grp.UIDDesc.ToString());
                    table.Replace("@orders@", grp.TotalOrders.ToString());
                    table.Replace("@visitors@", grp.TotalVisitors.ToString());
                    table.Replace("@itemcount@", grp.TotalItems.ToString());
                    table.Replace("@productrevenue@", grp.ProductRevenue.ToString());
                    table.Replace("@shippingrevenue@", grp.ShippingCost.ToString());
                    TotalOrders += Convert.ToDecimal(grp.TotalOrders.ToString());
                    TotalRevenue += Convert.ToDecimal(grp.TotalRevenue.ToString());
                    ProductRevenue += Convert.ToDecimal(grp.ProductRevenue.ToString());
                    ShippingRevenue += Convert.ToDecimal(grp.ShippingCost.ToString());
                    TotalVisits += Convert.ToDecimal(grp.TotalVisitors.ToString());
                    TotalItems += Convert.ToDecimal(grp.TotalItems.ToString());

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Can you please explain me how this will be helpful in my case. and Can you help me building similar kind of code for my datatable.
by the given query I am getting the results I want now when I am trying to return this values using table.replace I am getting error message. Please help me out if I am doing something wrong.

What is the error message your're getting? Without some information on what you're doing exactly, I can't really help you.
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I didnt get help on time so I was trying to sove the issue on my own. and I was able to find the soultion. so because of that reason I am choosing my comment as an answer. Please let me know if I am required to choose some other comment also and I will do that.

The link was not helpful in this context but still as expert tried to help so I am giving him partial credit.