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I have an appartment with 100 rooms in it and all are given the newtrok connection through DSL router. I dont have the access to this router as it is provided by ISP. I need to know the bandwidth usage at peak time as some tenets are compaining about the speed. There is no proxy or ISA server available in the site.  Please suggest me how i can know the bandwidth usage.
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The only way you can know for certain is to contact someone with access to the ISP/Router data.  It's likely the ISP could increase the bandwidth if the tenants increase what they pay otherwise they all have equal access to what bandwidth is available.
Not do-able as you need to be able to monitor the common access point that all traffic passes through and this is the router. if you don't have access then you can't proceed although if you are a subscriber then you should be able to ask the ISP directly for the information.
If you have access to the ethernet calbles you could place a pc between the switch and the router. This pc have to be configured as gateway. There you can install both bandwidth-monitor and bandwidth-managing software. The first give you usage stats and so on (you can troubleshooting connection problems), the second allow you to manage, limit and shape the traffic.

Some tipp for software (ev. google for it):
The expensive way:
You could setup a PC with Server 2003 and enable routing and remote access. Your DSL would come into the server and then would feed all the clients attached to the network. With this setup, you could get very granular detail, per usage billing to each of your tenants or see who your trouble tenants are.

The cost affective, quick and dirty solution would be to purchase a gateway router, WRT54GL or the like. You could then flash the firmware with DD-WRT or Tomato with bandwidth tracking in it. There may be a chance you can purchase an off the shelf device that already has bandwidth tracking. Then you drop that device between your DSL device and the apartment switch to everyone and you have simplified BW tracking.

The cheaper solution would be to research your device to see if it supports SNMP, which a good amount do, then you could leverage MRTG( to query the gateway device. You could set that up as a scheduled task on just about any machine and view near realtime traffic data. BUT, this will not give you granular detail, only the global device usage.

If you post back your gateway device model, we could give you more specifics.


The inability to read the actual question is just astounding.
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You need to ask your ISP for bandwidth usage report.  With some providers where I live they provide mrtg reports that you log in to.  Maybe they have something like that.  

I cannot think of anyway to find out since you don't have access to the router.  And don't have a server or gateway machine to install.
Both Smoothwall Express firewall and OpenDNS add security to the connection. They are a firewall and a content filter. You should use the advanced port and content filtering they provide.
Then my apologies for the post then. credit to "MASQUERAID".
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