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Migrate WSS 3.0 to Sharepoint Server 2010

I am migrating all of our current environment to a virtualised environment.
I need to move our Sharepoint WSS 3.0 content to the new Sharepoint Server 2010 server.

WSS 3.0 is running on Server 2003 32bit.
It is using SQL 2005 32bit on Server 2003 32bit,

Sharepoint Server 2010 is running on Server 2008 R2 64bit.
It is using SQL 2008 R2 64bit on Server 2008 R2 64bit.

All resources I have found thus far dance around the topic without being specific on what to do. I am starting to think it will be quicker to move content manually.

WSS 3.0 is mainly just files and folders. I can move these via "open in windows explorer view", but mail point is to make sure I retain permissions.
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there are several ways of upgrading your envrionment. Unfortunately it is impossible to say which one's the best for you without further investigation.
So I would recommend, you'll start by checking the content on the Upgrade and Migraion Ressource Center on TechNet:
As you are running your WSS 3.0 on 32bit you cannot do an in-place upgrade, therefor an DB attach upgrade will be pretty likely in your case.
But you should read the documentation very carefully and have recent backups at hand, that are tested to enable you to do a successful restore before you start migrating.

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Thanks Daniel, It is a difficult topic to research as there are so many variables and scenarios. I appreciate the help.
If you need any more details from me to point me further in the right direction, let me know.
Make sure WSS is on SP2, or you won't be able to upgrade.
All good. Just found that out when trying to install.
Most important question is:
How much customization do you have in your WSS environment?
(The less, the better. ;-) )
99% is just files and folders.
The remainder is just a few RSS feeds. Pretty standard. Just need to retain the permissions on the files and folders.
Take into account that should you migrate to a new url that the alerts are not migrated correctly. You will need to run the Administration toolkit to update the alerts.
(though not supported for Foundation but you specificed SP 2010 Server)
Just going back to the original migration issue, any more ideas?
I have decided to relocate WSS 3.0 to server 2008 R2 and run the upgrade to SPS 2010 once completed.

Am not able to connect to the SQL database when running the install (which was detached from SQL 2005 32bit and attached on new SQL 2008 R2 server). It authenticates fine, but fails with the following error.
Helps if I add the attachment! User generated image
So when you changed your db server name, did you let SharePoint know about the change via STSADM ?
Do I need to let Sharepoint knowif it is a fresh install of WSS? This new install is on Server 2008 R2. The current one is on Server 2003. I also have a new SQL server for WSS. Old one SQL 2005, new one SQL 2008 R2.
Plan was to copy and attach the DB to the SQL 2008 R2 server, install WSS on 2008 R2 server.
Once all was working fine, then upgrade it to SPS 2010.
OK i'm not exactly clear on your exact process.

I'm assuming you are installing SP on a new server, correct?  You've also moved all your DB's to a new SQL server.  So after installing SP, you ran the config wizard.  Did you choose to create a new farm, or connect to existing?  If you are choosing connect to existing, your farm has no idea that the SQL server name has changed, which would cause it to fail.
Your assumption is correct.
How would I rectify this?
The easiest thing to do would probably be to set up a SQL Alias.  Check c:\windows\system32 for cliconfig.exe.  Follow this awesome article:

I would set up the name to be the name of your OLD sql box, then point it to your new one.  That way, when you are joining an existing farm, you can use the old sql name and basically "trick" sharepoint.
Will this present a problem if my old SP is still running? I am keeping it on until I have the new one up and running and upgraded to SP 2010.
No.  You won't be hitting the old sql box, you just make SharePoitn think you are.
So you still enter the new SQL address on the new SP server??
Read the article to understand the alias.

No you will be entering the OLD SQL address.
? so how does SP distinguish between the actual SQL server with that name and the new one which has the alias?
Same error
Are there any upgrade steps I need to take to prepare the DB to be used on SQL 2008 R2 64bit?
Show me your alias (screen shot).

As long as you have sp2 installed in sql 2005, the db's should upgrade when you attach them in SQL.  You did do this right?  You said you did earlier.
SQL 2005 SP2 was never installed on the old SQL 2005 server. I will install, detach the DB, copy to new SQL server and attach. Will take several hours, so wont be able to reply anytime soon.

See image for alias below.
New SQL 2008 R2 server - MGSQL01SYD
OLD SQL 2005 server - SYDSVR02
User generated image
Have installed SQL 2005 SP2, copied the DB to the SQL 2008 R2 server, attached and ran the SP install again. same result.
Installed SP3 for SQL 2005, copied, attached etc. Same result.

When I install WSS, I used:
*  advanced install
*  Install as web front end
*  connect to existing farm, enter new SQL 2008 R2 server address, use Sharepoint_config DB and correct user credentials.
Am I missing anything?
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He's not trying to connect 2010 to the WSS config.  He's connecting WSS to WSS config, then upgrading (from what I can tell).

Mayo - did you check the link from Koen?  
I have. It all runs without fail, but when you open Sharepoint Admin, the web app still shows as the old URL and not the new one. It also shows as pointing to the old SQL DB.
How do you mean pointing to the old SQL DB? They have the same name don't they?
No they are different.
Old SQL 2005 server is called SYDSVR02
New SQL 2008 R2 Server is called MGSQL01SYD
was able to upgrade myself in the end.
I needed to install sps2010 from scratch. Attach the content DB to new SQL server, remove content db from sharepoint and run the mount -spcontentdatabase command through SP powershell.
This is explained in the post by mosslive. Considering the amount of activity and tips the experts gave here closing the question like this is close to rude.