Organize files in c#

    i need help on how should i oraganize my code in windows application in .Net c#.
Like where class file should be, where winform to be, where to put assemblies etc.
  In other words oraganizing the code,files in .net c#

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rnsrConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Since it depends on programmer.
Naman GoelSoftware engineer 1Commented:
hey this depends on you.

Visual studio enables you to organize files in the way you want like:
place all business class in one folder
place all forms in one folder.

so it depends on your need.
do same thing naman says
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rnsrAuthor Commented:
I need some more useful answer.
rnsrAuthor Commented:
This question us unsolved to plz close this ticket.
rnsrAuthor Commented:
The solution seems to vary from programmer to programmer and it companies how they organize the code.
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