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I would like to convert to a search engine friendly url. I'm using ColdFusion 7 on a GoDaddy account.  It would be really cool if I could pass the title to the url too so it would look something like
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Brijesh ChauhanStaff IT EngineerCommented:
Couple of more URL's with Custom tags to do it..

s8webAuthor Commented:
Hi brijeshchauhan. Thanks. I've tried both of the CF solutions with no luck. The Adobe forum suggests using mod_rewrite. I want to stick with a CF solution. I'm beginning to think this is another GoDaddy limitation.
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Brijesh ChauhanStaff IT EngineerCommented:
Yeah if you are using APACHE on Go Daddy, you can implement mod_rewrite... hosting solutions do have some limitations
gdemariaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you try this custom tag?   I have a friend who uses it and says it's very easy..

This is a CF solution.
s8webAuthor Commented:

I did, thanks. I saw your comment on post 25040937. I'm sure it works well, I'm thinking this is a GoDaddy thing at this point.
SidFishesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've been using sesConvertor rom Fusium (link from gd above) for years. The only draw back to using it is that you need to manually rewrite all of the url's in your code

ie: change this


it does -not- do the conversion for you, it simply parse the friendly url back into something the server can use

The other alternative then is for you to use code to automatically generate the folders and file names that you want to use, then in each one, you will have a simple command to call the template you want to display.

For example, let's say you want to have a friendly url for all products in your store.  A simply loop through your database using CFFILE you can create a folder for every company name and a file for every product name.



Inside each file, you can have a few lines with the product ID and call the template

<cfset productID = 1234>
<cfinclude template="/productDetails.cfm">

I use this approach, it is very easy and effective.
s8webAuthor Commented:
"it does -not- do the conversion for you, it simply parse the friendly url back into something the server can use"

Okay, so I feel kinda dumb now :)

Thanks everyone for the help.
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